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This example shows the analysis study for a 6/4 switched reluctance motor, shown in Figure 1, using EMS inside Autodesk Inventor.

Linear actuators have many applications ranging from domestic to industrial. Their role consists of converting many forms of energy such as electrical energy, hydraulic energy etc to a mechanical linear motion.

Permanent Magnet couplings (or couplers) are used to transmit torque from a primary driver to a secondary follower without any mechanical contact. Many industrial applications are based on such transmission system that doesn`t need any external electrical circuit for motors and propellers. They are especially used for high security applications and in sealed equipment for transmissions through walls.

In this paper, an FEM simulation of brushless DC motor using EMWorks2D is established. The model is created using MotorWizard inside SOLIDWORKS. Magnetic flux and Torque results are generated verus rotor angle.

A switched reluctance motor (SRM) is a rotating electric machine where both stator and rotor have salient poles (Figure 1). The stator winding comprises a set of coils, each of which is wound on one pole.

Renewable energy, known also as green or clean energy, is derived from natural processes that are regenerative over short periods of time and cannot be depleted.