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Synchronous generators are the most popular energy converter to generate electrical energy from mechanical energy [1]. Although they are widely used at different power stations, they can also be found in transportation applications such as aircraft and ships. In this application note, a typical synchronous generator used in an aircraft electrical system is studied under different load conditions. Its performance is investigated using the finite element method (FEM) tool in EMWorks 2D software.

Permanent magnet brushless DC motors (PMBLDC) are used in a wide range of applications thanks to their high-power density and ease of control. In particular, outer runner PMBLDC is utilized in direct drive wind turbines and small electric vehicles such as golf cars and electric bikes to mitigate the need for mechanical transmission or gearboxes. This can improve the efficiency of the whole system which results in a longer battery lifetime

Electric motors are becoming increasingly used in industrial applications. They offer a high efficiency, high power factor and a wide speed range. The spoke type motor is one of the common electric motor types presented in the market today. Spoke type motors use a compact permanent magnets structure, arranged in spokes for a better torque generation [1]. With the adequate material selection, the spoke type motors have the highest torque density architecture among the permanent magnet motor types, provided they are cost-effectively manufactured and especially effectively cooled [1].

In this application note, a PM magnet axial flux generator is studied under load and no-load conditions. To perform this analysis we used EMS coupled with SOLIDWORKS Motion

Battery and electric motor are the main keys of any zero-gas emissions vehicle. Hence, engineers, researchers and labs are working to design and develop more reliable products that could meet any user requirements

Permanent Magnet Synchronous machines (PMSMs) are widely used in traction applications and electric vehicles, where steady-state operation, high efficiency, and torque density are needed, such as Toyota Prius, etc.

This example shows the analysis study for a 6/4 switched reluctance motor, shown in Figure 1, using EMS inside Autodesk Inventor.

Linear actuators have many applications ranging from domestic to industrial. Their role consists of converting many forms of energy such as electrical energy, hydraulic energy etc to a mechanical linear motion.

Permanent Magnet couplings (or couplers) are used to transmit torque from a primary driver to a secondary follower without any mechanical contact. Many industrial applications are based on such transmission system that doesn`t need any external electrical circuit for motors and propellers. They are especially used for high security applications and in sealed equipment for transmissions through walls.