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Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Design Powered by EMWorks


Resonant Wireless Power Transfer (RWPT), introduced by MIT researchers in 2008, is a Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) that has compensation capacitors in both the transmitter and receiver and operating at their resonant frequency

Majdi EL Fahem | 10/12/2021

Which electromagnetic software should I use for my electric/electronic design: Low or high frequency?

EMS HFWorks EMWorks2D

It is well established that electric, magnetic and electronic product design from basic principles, i.e., by solving Maxwell’s equations, offers the highest level of accuracy and reduces design iterations and prototyping cost. Most software vendors offer two electromagnetic simulation packages: one tailored for low frequency applications, e.g., EMWorks EMS, ANSYS® Maxwell®, Altair Flux®, and one for high frequency, e.g., EMWorks HFWorks,

Ahmed Khebir | 23/11/2021

MotorWizard: One Step Closer to the Democratization of Electromagnetic Simulation

EMS MotorWizard

It is simply the use of simulation by a larger group of non-expert users. For example, in case of electromagnetics, the user would not need to know Maxwell’s equations or Faraday’s law of induction to design an electric motor. In a “democratized simulation world”, a motor is black box that transformers electric energy to mechanical energy. Nevertheless, he knows that, somehow, the performance of the black box, such as torque, depends on the dimensions, materials, excitations and other motor parameters.

Ahmed Khebir | 15/11/2021

Modeling Vibration in Transformers using EMS and SolidWorks


The main cause of a transformer vibration, hence noise, is the so called magnetostriction effect. In simple terms, upon the exposure to a magnetic field, a magnetic steel gets magnetized, thus, extends. When the magnetic field is turned off, the sheet shrinks back to its original form. This cycle of extension and contraction is usually small dimensionally and therefore cannot be seen be the naked eye. Nevertheless, it is sufficient to cause vibration and, hence, noise.

Majdi EL Fahem | 09/11/2021
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