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Efficient Design of Antenna Radomes


Exposure to harsh environmental conditions such as heavy rain, extreme temperatures, and strong winds can have adverse effects on the way the antenna transmits or receives signals. To protect antennas from these conditions and other environmental factors, enclosures known as radomes can be placed around them. An efficient radome shall be transparent to electromagnetic signals while meeting the physical and aerodynamic requirements.

Amine Boussada | 11/11/2022

Asymmetric Design: A Way for Optimizing Electric Motor’s Performance

Electrical motors (E-motors) are an inseparable part of life since the time they have been invented. They cover a vast range of applications such as house appliances, medical devices, robotic arms, space shuttles, etc. As a result, they are always in demand by various customers. These days, one of the hottest markets for E-motors is Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Farnam Farshbaf | 07/11/2022

Choosing the Right Magnet Material for Electric Motor Design


Magnets are the materials that produce a magnetic force field around them, which can either pull or repel certain materials such as iron and nickel. Based on their composition and source of magnetism they can be classified as permanent magnets and regular magnets (temporary magnets). Permanent magnets (PMs) are the type of magnets that can retain their magnetism once magnetized. Whereas regular or temporary magnets are magnets that behave like a permanent magnet in the presence of a magnetic field but lose their magnetism in the absence of a magnetic field.

Sumeet Singh | 19/10/2022

Design of NDT Equipment using FEA Software


NDT refers to an array of inspection methods that allow inspectors to evaluate and collect data about a material, system, or component without permanently altering it. NDT is divided into various methods of nondestructive testing, each based on a particular physical phenomenon such as the Electromagnetic based NDT: EM NDT.

Asma Jlassi | 02/09/2022

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