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Transient Analysis of an Electromechanical Relay Using an FEA Tool


Electromagnet relays are essential components in various electrical and electronic systems, serving as switches or amplifiers for controlling circuits. Understanding the transient magnetic behavior of these relays is crucial for their optimal design and performance. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools provide a powerful approach to simulate and analyze complex electromagnetic phenomena, including eddy currents, which play a significant role in relay behavior.

Mohamed Watouti | 15/09/2023

Consequent Pole Machine: Future Design for Better Performance


In recent years, permanent magnet electric machines have gained significant popularity across a wide variety of industrial applications due to their numerous advantages including high power density, high efficiency level and high reliability. However, recent economic crises have made motor cost a crucial competitive factor.

Hajer Jmal | 23/08/2023

DDR5 Technology: Advancing Memory Performance for Next-Gen Devices

Unlock the power of DDR5 technology in our latest blog. Discover its higher memory capacities, faster data access, and electromagnetic design challenges. Learn how advanced simulation tools optimize signal integrity. Join our webinar to delve deeper into DDR5's potential. Embrace the future of computing!

BayAnn Jlidy | 09/08/2023

Parasitic Extraction of a PCB using Electromagnetic FEA Simulation


In the realm of modern electronics, printed circuit boards (PCBs) play a vital role in connecting and powering various components. However, as PCB designs become more complex and high-frequency signals traverse their intricate pathways, an often-overlooked factor can significantly impact performance—parasitic elements. To shed light on these hidden effects and enable optimized PCB designs, engineers rely on the power of electromagnetic finite element analysis (FEA) tools for accurate parasitic extraction. In this blog, we delve into the fascinating world of parasitic extraction and explore how the EMS for SOLIDWORKS, an electromagnetic FEA tool, aids in this process.

Mohamed Watouti | 05/07/2023

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