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Synchronous Reluctance Motors: Opportunity of Electrical Vehicles?


Electrical Vehicles (EVs) are considered one of the key solutions to addressing environmental issues. Therefore, a considerable amount of energy and financial support has been invested to enhance the current transportation technology to eco-friendly EVs.

Farnam Farshbaf | 17/03/2023

Compact Circularly Polarized Inset-Fed Circular Microstrip Antenna for 5 GHz Band


Antennas are essential components in wireless communication systems, allowing for the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves. One type of antenna commonly used in wireless systems is the microstrip antenna, which is known for its low profile and ease of fabrication.

Nesrine Selmi | 10/03/2023

Unlocking breakthroughs in Academia with EMWorks' Electromagnetic Design and Simulation Software

EMS HFWorks EMWorks2D MotorWizard

EMWorks' Electromagnetic Design and Simulation Software has transformed the way researchers and engineers approach the design and study of electromagnetic systems, leading to numerous breakthroughs in academia.

Pallavi Pragya Singh | 02/03/2023

The Future of Electric Vehicle: A Comprehensive Look at Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motors


Axial flux permanent magnet (AFPM) motors offer superior power, efficiency, and torque density with their unique flat rotor and stator arrangement. Originally developed for vehicle applications, these motors have seen significant advancements in materials, making them even more powerful and compact. Ongoing research is focused on improving their performance, reducing their costs, and expanding their use in various applications.

Sumeet Singh | 20/02/2023

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