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Simulation Products

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Electrical Products Simulation Using EMS/Solidworks

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High Frequency Electronics Design Using HFWorks/Solidworks


Advanced Transmission Line Analysis and Synthesis System

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SimClaim: Ansys SpaceClaim-embedded

Electrical Products Simulation Using EMS/Solidworks

Do you use Solidworks/ Autodesk Inventor/ SpaceClaim to design electrical products such as:

  • Transformers
  • Electric motors
  • Magnets
  • NDT tools
  • Sensors
  • NDE tools
  • PCB
  • Electrical connectors
  • Bushings
  • Cables
  • Eddy current equipment

Are you looking for an electromagnetic software and simulation tool embedded in SolidWorks to compute electrical and electro-mechanical design parameters such as magnetic field, magnetic force and torque, electric field, eddy current, eddy loss, etc.? You came to the right place! EMWorks developed a workhorse, EMS/SolidWorks, exactly for your need. EMS seamless integration in SolidWorks empowers you to simulate the most intricate electrical products and equipments.

EMS for Autodesk Inventor

In addition to Solidworks and Ansys SpaceClaim, EMS is equally and seamlessly embedded in Autodesk Inventor. It has all the electrical and multi-physics features of EMS/Solidworks.

High Frequency Electronics Design Using HFWorks/Solidworks

Are you in the business of designing high frequency electronics devices and circuits such as:

  • RF & microwave components
  • Antenna products
  • Electrical connectors
  • Coaxial cables
  • Computer chips
  • Filters

Do you worry about meeting EMC and EMI stringent requirements such as the ones imposed by the FCC or CISPR? Are you looking for the state-of-the-art high frequency software and simulation workbench to eliminate the guesswork from your design process and better understand the behavior of your RF, Microwave, and high speed digital circuit products and services? EMWorks has your answer by providing you with a seamlessly Solidworks-embedded high frequency simulation software, HFWorks with an integrated Thermal solver.

SimClaim: Ansys SpaceClaim-embedded

SimClaim is a multi-physics simulation package for the design of electrical and electronics products, seamlessly embedded in Ansys SpaceClaim. It has all of EMS and HFWorks capabilities plus standalone Structural and Thermal solvers. With SimClaim, not only can you simulate coupled electro-thermal and electro-structural design problems, but you can also address pure structural and pure thermal issues using the standalone solvers.

Advanced Transmission Line Analysis and Synthesis System (ATLASS)

ATLASS is your ideal calculator for quick Electronic Design Automation, ICs, RF ICs, PCBs, and digital circuits design needs. It empowers you to compute electrical parameters such as impedance, RLCG, propagation and loss parameters instantly.


Transformers & Power Engineering

Simulation software for high voltage and high power applications including transformers, switchgears, insulators, bushings, and cables.


Software for multiphysical simulation. A coupling between electromagnetic, thermal and structural fields to compute thermal results, thermal stress, Structural results.

RF & Microwave Components

Simulation software to design wireless, microwave, and RF components inside your MCAD package and compute s-parameters and fields.

Electronic Design Automation & Electronics

Electromagnetic field software for electronics design applications: package, chips, PCBs, connectors, heat sinks, CPUs, SIPs, ICs.

Magnets & Magnet Arrays

Simulation software to compute magnetic force and field due to magnets and magnet arrays including halbach array in MCAD

Actuators, Solenoids & Electromechanical

Software to compute magnetic force and field for actuator, solenoid, loudspeaker.

Sensors & NDT/NDE

Simulation software for magnetic, variable reluctance, inductive, eddy current, capacitive, NDT, NDE,Hall Effect Sensor, and touchscreen sensors.

Antennas & Radomes

Antenna software for all kind including tv antenna and digital antenna to compute antenna gain and power in your MCAD design

Electrical Machines & Drives

Simulation software for electric motor & generator design including brushless DC, induction, SRM, claw pole, permanent magnet, and synchronous motors

Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility

Software for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and compatibility (EMC) and shielding due to electromagnetic radiation and waves.

Biomedical Applications & EM Exposure

Biomedical engineering software to design medical devices and study the effect of EMF exposure on human health.

Electric Vehicle

Electromagnetic software to to simulate various parts and components used in hybrid and electric vehicles, such as battery, charger, antenna, and electric motor.

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