Induction Heating

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In injection molding tools, the common employment of Electromagnetic surface induction heating instead of conventional volume heating ..

The magnetizer known also by the magnetic flux concentrator, is used for magnetic control by intensifying the magnetic flux in certain areas of a workpiece.

The vast use of electromagnetic induction heating in molds is thanks to its advantages of fast heating and high efficiency. Combined with cooling process, induction heating is employed to achieve a dynamic mold temperature control.

The multi physics capabilities of EMS to solve an electromagnetic and thermal problem in time domain using the EMS transient module.

Numerical simulation of graphite crucible at different frequency

3D numerical electromagnetic-thermal simulation of induction heating process.Temperature distribution was computed and plotted using EMS for Solidworks.

3D FEM simulation of induction cookers using EMS. Electromagnetic simulation coupled to thermal analysis allows to compute magnetic and thermal results.

FEM calculation of inductance used in induction cooker application.