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Jul 1

July 2024 Newsletter

EMS has enabled me to do an initial validation of a new derivative motor topology. The support I have received has been great and EMWorks has helped me progress. For those who are looking for a full featured 3d topology electromagnetic test…

May 31

June 2024 Newsletter

The EMWorks team was very responsive, and its members were highly competent during my engagement with them. Although I had considered other companies, EMWorks stood out as the fastest to respond. My greatest appreciation for the software lies…

May 1

May 2024 Newsletter

Introducing EMWORKS-MotorWizard: Unveiling Our Latest Innovation! EMWORKS-MotorWizard, our newest breakthrough in motor design and analysis software, is here. EMWORKS-MotorWizard presents a complete array of tools crafted to empower engineers…

Apr 1

April 2024 Newsletter

EMWorks was an essential part of our engineering senior design project. We needed to simulate the electric field for a bioreactor we're developing, and EMWorks made it simple to create a model in SolidWorks and apply the needed parameters to…

Mar 1

March 2024 Newsletter

I cannot express my gratitude enough to the EMWorks team. They were truly incredible in their dealings with me and exceptionally attentive in addressing my queries and providing the necessary software. Without their support, I wouldn't have…

Feb 1

February 2024 Newsletter

I am currently pursuing my PhD at Leibniz University Hannover, and I am grateful for the generous sponsorship from EMWorks, providing me with a student license. Using EMS has enabled me to accelerate my understanding of the electromagnetic…

Jan 2

January 2024 Newsletter

MotorWizard & EMS have been very helpful in understanding and exploring various rotor and stator configurations in our design of a Brushless motor. As mechanical engineering undergrads, our understanding of electro-magnetic design was limited,…

Dec 1

December 2023 Newsletter

Based on my personal experience, I utilized a permanent magnet in my real experiment while working on the magnetic abrasive finishing process. I found the EMS software to be user-friendly, with clear categories and input materials that produced…

Nov 1

November 2023 Newsletter

During the "Elektronikprojekt" project course for electrical engineers at Lund University, our project centered around the development of a prototype for an axial flux BLDC motor. The goal of the project was to explore the feasibility of creating…

Oct 2

October 2023 Newsletter

I used the EMWorks’ EMS program to better understand how Axial Flux Motors work, and it is one of the best software programs I have ever used. When I started learning about Axial Flux Motors, my goal was to learn and observe how this machine…

Sep 1

September 2023 Newsletter

The team spent the first semester of the project designing and conducting component-level testing. EMS was used the most in the first semester to support electromagnet configurations and visualizations for our faculty and advisors. We successfully…

Aug 1

August2023 Newsletter

We, Chicago Hyperloop, are thrilled to express our gratitude to Emworks for their exceptional software that has revolutionized our approach to hyperloop development. As an organization dedicated to innovating the future of transportation, we…