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Emworks academic

EMWorks is committed to supporting students, schools, colleges, and universities worldwide to promote electromagnetic, electromechanical and electronics education and research. As a part of this commitment, we are making our products accessible to students, student clubs, teachers, and researchers for educational and noncommercial research purposes.

EMWorks offers 3D and 2D electromagnetic simulation software available as an add-in tool for SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor. Our list of products includes EMS, HFWorks, MotorWizard and EMWorks2D.

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Emworks Academic

Find electromagnetics challenging and difficult to understand? Do you still find the concept is too broad? We hear you! EMWorks offers the best simulations and solutions in learning, creating and understanding EM thanks to our engineering specialists and technology.

Not only do our software simulation products help you visualize the concepts while learning, but it can also help improve your overall grades and performance. We have the expertise, tools and knowledge to support, train and guide you.

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Emworks Academic

Electromagnetics is a critical concept in engineering and simulation applications. We understand how complex it may be sometimes to fully explain EM to students and having enough time to fully cover all the possible applications. EMWorks got you! Our simulation software will help you simplify the concept to students while creating and explaining EM with visual content. We provide affordable packages for classroom licenses to upgrade your teaching style and delivery on electromagnetics.

Emworks Academic

Ensure excellent teaching and learning quality for your department by giving access to our EMWorks simulation software for students and professors! Our software products make the learning curve short, simple and easy to understand. EMWorks Academic grants you full-access of our software.

We provide top customer service and technical support to our academic and business clients and want to make their experience using our products run smoothly. We also offer students and professors one-on-one technical support with our application engineer specialists if further intense assistance and training is needed. In addition, we have a dedicated team who will work with your course coordinators to add more value to students' curriculum by implementing EMWorks Academic products. We offer the most affordable packages in the market for academics and research.

Emworks Academic

Struggling with design challenges in electrical machines, antenna, sensors, transformers, high voltage apparatus, electrical switches, actuators, levitation machines, NDT equipment, bus bars, inductors, bushings, biomedical equipment? EMWorks understands your design complications! EMWorks has a team of experienced specialists with outstanding research experience to help and assist your innovative cutting-edge design concepts and products. We also provide tools that help you to design and perform simulations for electrical and electronic designs from DC to mm-wave frequencies.

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Academic Examples

EMWorks Educational Examples Library features some of the characteristic electromagnetic simulation problems. Brief theoretical description of the problem is followed by a detailed set of instructions for model set-up in EMS or HFWorks.

Download the model files and use them to get started with the software or to build your own simulation.
Feel free to make these examples part of your course material.

Emworks Academic


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Live Student Support

Every Tuesday, 10 AM EST EMWorks is invested in students’ academic understanding of electromagnetics and has a dedicated team of engineers host live Q&A sessions every Tuesday, 10 AM EST to help answer any questions on our software products and applications.