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The Electromagnetic Simulation Software Specialist

EMWorks (founded in 2000) provides 3D finite element software to compute electromagnetic field, magnetic field, electric field, magnetic flux, and electrical flux. The field and flux could be caused by an electromagnet, a magnet, a coil, a high speed digital circuit, an antenna, or RF and Microwave components.  The company's flagship products are EMSHFWorksSimClaim, and ATLASS.  EMS addresses static magnetic and electric field calculation, electromagnetic induction, eddy current, skin effect, proximity effect, motion and motion industries issues.  In addition to electromagnetic field and flux, it computes magnetic force and torque, electric force and torque, electromagnetic force and torque, impedance, inductance, resistance, capacitance, back emf, ohmic loss, eddy loss, core loss, and electromagnetic energy.  HFWorks targets electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility phenomena for frequencies higher than RF.  In addition to near and far electromagnetic fields and waves, it computes scattering parameters, antenna pattern, antenna gain, antenna directivity, impedance, and losses.  SimClaim has the capabilities of EMS and HFWorks combined.  In addition, it has standalone static structural and thermal solvers.  ATLASS is a calculator for quick Electronic Design Automation, ICs, RF ICs, PCBs, and digital circuits design needs. Furthermore,  EMWorks provides integrated Thermal, Structural, and Motion solvers in  a hassle-free true multi-physics platform.   These products yield the slickest, smoothest, and the most efficient work flow in the industry.

Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and Ansys SpaceClaim embedded

Electromagnetic software packages significantly facilitate your, the designer's, task without the need to build physical prototypes, hence you could reduce the time to market your products and services. Unfortunately, most of the commercial magnetic, electrical, electric force, magnetic force, magnet, and electromagnetic software packages that you may utilize for this end are combersome and difficult to use. In addition, they oftentimes require from you to simplify the geometry, which can result in the loss of critical details and thus affecting the performance of your end products. EMWorks' products make the exception. They are fully and seamlessly embedded in the three main CAD platforms:SOLIDWORKS®, Autodesk® Inventor®, or Ansys SpaceClaim. Consequently, you don't need to "reinvent the wheel" and just grab a CAD model from the drafting department and start simulating instantly.  For example, you can obtain the electric force, electrostatic force, or magnetic force in a RF MEMS switch or a permanent magnet motor assembly in less than ten minutes. 

Grabcad, 3dcontencentral, traceparts

In recent years a burgeoning number of free 3D CAD models -millions- have become available in CAD depositories such as grabcad.com,   www.3dcontentcentral.com, and  www.traceparts.com.  Consequently, you can simply grab a CAD model from the depositories, make necessary changes, and start your finite element analysis instantly.