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Electromagnetic Software for Electrical and Electronics Design

EMWorks is a leading provider of electromagnetic simulation software for electrical and electronics design. EMWorks products can be used as an antenna design software, an electric field simulation, a transformer design software, a magnetic field simulation, and an electric motor design software. EMWorks’ flagship products are EMS, HFWorks, MotorWizard, and EMWorks2D. All of our products are fully and seamlessly embedded in SOLIDWORKS. EMS is also embedded in Autodesk Inventor. In addition to handling frequencies from DC to millimeter wave, our  products come with built-in integrated thermal, structural, and motion analyses in a hassle-free multiphysics platform. Today, EMWorks products and services are widely used worldwide by both industry and academia.

Electromechanical, Power Electronics, RF and Microwaves

EMWorks products can readily be used to design a range of electromechanical, power electronics, RF and microwave, and high frequency electronics devices and applications, including: