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Crosslinked Polyethylene (XLPE) is extensively used as an electrical insulating material in Power cables for underground distribution and subsea transmission. It is gradually replacing the typical low-density Polyethylene in such applications, because of its excellent insulation characteristics (high dielectric strength, low dielectric permittivity and loss factor) and its great mechanical and thermal stabilities. XLPE come to be used on a large-scale voltage transmission for more than 200kV.

Busbar, composed of a single or a group of conductors, is used as an electrical junction between incoming and outgoing electrical currents.

The development of high-performance electrical installation requires flexible, efficient and intelligent electrical power distribution. The busbar systems are the essential components of power stations and they define the main connection nodes for power delivery.

Electrothermal Simulation of Busbars using EMS for Solidworks.

Skin and proximity effects in a shielded electrical cable studied using the AC magnetic module of EMS.

Electric simulation in a 3-phase submarine cable to study electric field distribution.

Electrostatic module of EMS is used to compute the Electric Field, the Displacement Field, the Potential and the Electrostatic Force density.