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Electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic principles are at the heart of sensor technology such as motion sensor, proximity sensor, hall effect sensor, variable reluctance sensor, magnetic sensor, magnetic field sensor, eddy current sensor, inductive sensor, capacitive sensor, NDT sensor, and NDE sensor.   All of these sensors use either electric field, magnetic field, eddy current, or a derived quantity from these fields such as force, inductance, or capacitance in their functioning and operation.  Their operating frequency could range from DC to almost 1 GHz and may involve magnets, coils, nonlinear ferromagnetic materials, small air gaps, and electromagnets.  They may also exhibit various electromagnetic phenomena such as electromagnetic induction, eddy current, skin effect, proximity effect, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic interference, and even electromagnetic waves.  Hence, the electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic simulation software package is a must-have for sensor engineers and designers.  Some sensors could also be subject to overheating and structural deformation.  Therefore, thermal and structural capabilities are a plus. 

Sensor Design Inside Solidworks and Inventor

EMWorks has the ideal multi-physics sensor design software, EMS, the platform for you, the sensor engineer, seamlessly embedded in Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor. The choice of CAD is yours. EMS should be adequate for of your sensor design needs since most sensors’ size is small compared to the wavelength.  If you design high-frequency sensors, where the size is comparable or larger than the wavelength, you should use HFWorks instead.  The following illustrations demonstrate the use of EMS for sensor design and simulation.