Empower Your Designs with Electro-Thermal Multiphysics Simulations

Enhancing Innovation in Electro-Thermal Multiphysics Through EMWorks Solutions

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Discover how MPW enhances the welding of dissimilar materials, offering precise, efficient bonding with minimal thermal distortion.

Explore the interaction between GSM/LTE/WLAN antennas and human health. Our study analyzes radiation patterns, SAR levels, and thermal impacts, ensuring safety standards compliance.

Understanding how coil thickness and input current influence heat generation and temperature distribution in DC linear actuators, is crucial for performance and lifespan optimization.

Learn about the thermal behavior of XLPE power cables and how FEM simulations provide insights for optimizing cable designs. Discover the impact of conductor Joule losses and external thermal conditions.

Understanding how Multiphysics FEM analysis enhances induction heating efficiency in brazing processes. Learn about temperature distribution, magnetic field intensity, and current density insights.

Discover how dielectric posts in waveguide filters can significantly improve performance, and thermal stability, and reduce RF breakdown in our latest study.

Explore how Dielectric Resonator Antennas offer superior bandwidth and thermal efficiency for 5G networks, outperforming traditional antenna solutions.

Understanding how microwave heating technology offers a rapid, uniform solution for asphalt mixture maintenance, enhancing road durability and safety.

Learn how different voltages affect the force output and thermal efficiency of voice coil actuators in precision applications, based on EMWorks simulations.