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Antennas used for mobile and smartphone applications have experienced big and rapid development to adapt to the progressive needs of wireless communication. These improvements are following the deployment of 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. On the other hand, more attention has been drawn to the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields on human body. The safety of the radiated fields has been the concern of much debate and research.

The heat generated by the coil is one of the major design aspects of a DC linear actuator. In addition to significantly shortening the life expectancy of its mechanical components, the temperature changes can affect the actuator’s efficiency and repeatability.

Crosslinked Polyethylene (XLPE) is extensively used as an electrical insulating material in Power cables for underground distribution and subsea transmission. It is gradually replacing the typical low-density Polyethylene in such applications, because of its excellent insulation characteristics (high dielectric strength, low dielectric permittivity and loss factor) and its great mechanical and thermal stabilities. XLPE come to be used on a large-scale voltage transmission for more than 200kV.

Induction heating process is widely used in a various industrial applications such as welding, forming, brazing, hardening and other non-contact heat treatment processes.

Rectangular waveguide H-plane filter is one of the most popular HF filter topologies used for communication devices. To improve its capabilities and signal transmission performance, many efforts are being devoted to develop and improve its structural topologies in order to: reduce mass and volume, increase the out-of-band rejection, boost their thermal stability for high power levels, decrease the risk of RF breakdown, etc.

The world is experiencing high advancement in telecommunication technologies especially within wireless communication systems. It is one of the most emerging and dynamic areas supporting the radical change in people’s lifestyle in terms of improved communication and business networks.

Microwave and RF heating has been widely exploited in industrial processing such as drying, curing, vulcanizing, etc. One of the most useful applications of RF heating is the thermal maintenance of road structures especially for Asphalt mixtures pavement to treat the occurred damages.

Lorentz force of a voice actuator is computed versus different voltage rates. Electrothermal simulation is use to calculate the temperature evolution caused by winding losses of the actuator.

A voice coil actuator, based on the Lorentz force concept, is a type of direct drive mechanism which delivers extremely precise positioning over small displacements. The voice coil is currently used for wide range of applications.