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Loop MIT

Loop MIT

EMWorks Abstract

Peter Ward, Dikai Liu


Design of a High Capacity Electro Permanent Magnetic Adhesion for Climbing Robots

Christopher Obieke

Western Engineering

Human Interrupted Task Compliance Robot

Noah Durso, Kesly Lubin and Chris Mohr

Point Park University

The Beginnings of Developing an EM-CVT

Yun ho Jang, Ho Jin, Hyeonji Kang, Seungmin Lee, Jinsang Kim, Ickhyun Song, Ikjoon Chang, Khan-hyuk Kim

School of Space Research, Kyunghee University, Korea

Preliminary Design of Search-coil Magnetometer with ASIC Devise for Lunar Mission

Hajer Jmal, Amal Souissi, Imen Abdennadher

Lab. of Renewable Energies and Electric Vehicles (RELEV), University of Sfax, ENIS

Analytical Based Design of FSPMMs: A Comparison Between Surface-Mounted PMs and Consequent-Pole Topologies

Fadi Rafeedi

University of California, Los Angeles

Simulation of BEAR Proprioceptive Actuator using Motorwizard

Fadi Rafeedi

University of California, Los Angeles

Simulation of an Electromagnetic Spring using EMS Software

Richard Götz

University of Applied Sciences Landshut

Magnetic Gear Analysis, Optimization and Construction using EMWorks2D