Innovation stärken: EMWorks Startups-Programm

Willkommen beim EMWorks Startups-Programm

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Welcome to Innovation

Embark on a journey of technological revolution with EMWorks Startups Program! We're not just offering tools; we're unlocking the potential of your groundbreaking ideas with our advanced electromagnetic simulation software. Step into a realm where innovation meets execution and shape the future of technology with us.


Our EMWorks Startups Program goes beyond just providing software; we're your partners in innovation. Benefit from annual licenses of our leading-edge electromagnetic simulation software, tailored to suit your budget. Our comprehensive support extends from advanced application guidance to expert engineering insights, ensuring your journey from concept to creation is seamless and successful.


At EMWorks, we champion the visionaries of tomorrow. Our program is dedicated to startups that are:
  • Authentically independent, steering their own course.
  • Fresh in the market or about to unveil their innovations.
  • Geared to make a notable mark in their industry.
Our commitment is not just to support but to actively nurture the seeds of innovation and growth within the vibrant startup ecosystem.


Embark on Your EMWorks Journey: Our application process is streamlined for simplicity. First, verify your eligibility to ensure you meet our criteria. Then, submit your application - a straightforward step towards a promising collaboration. Along the way, we'll be there to assist, making sure your entry into our program is as smooth as it is exciting.


Join Our Vibrant Ecosystem: Being part of EMWorks means more than just access to software; it's an entry into a community brimming with innovative minds. Engage in enriching networking events, collaborate on groundbreaking projects, and showcase your achievements on a shared platform. Together, we create a synergy that propels technological advancements.

Join Us Today

Launch Your Innovation with EMWorks: Are you poised to redefine the future with your startup? Embark on this transformative journey with us. Apply today and leverage the power of electromagnetic technology to elevate your projects. Begin a partnership that takes your vision from concept to reality.