Connectors and Transitions

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Thermo-mechanical stress simulation of wire bonding using EMS

Wire bonding method is one of the most important interconnection techn...

RF and Thermal Simulation of Straight Ridge Waveguide Coupler

RF and Thermal Simulation of Straight Ridge Waveguide Coupler.

Transition from Microstrip To Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) simulated ...

A broadband transition from microstrip to coplanar waveguide (CPW) is ...

A Boradband Eight-Way Coaxial Waveguide Power Combiner

A validated simulation of an eight-way power combiner operating around...

Ten Way Conical Power Combiner Simulation

A validated HFWorks simulation of a 10-way power combiner.

Simulation of a Marchand balun

A validated simulation of a Marchand balun operating at 2.45 GHz.

Quadrax Contact

An Ethernet 100 Mbps Quadrax contact suitable for high speed electric...

Waveguide to Coax Adapter

An adapter to connect a rectangular waveguide to a coaxial cable opera...

TDR of connectors

Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) of connectors using HFWorks