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Simulation of a Circularly Polarized Feedhorn

A validated antenna simulation of a circular feed horn operating at 1....

A Dual Band Antenna for GSM Applications

A validated simulation of a dual band triangular patch antenna for GSM...

Iris Filter Simulation

A validated Scattering Parameters simulation of a five pole H plane ir...

Dielectric Resonator Filter

A validated simulation of a half model of dielectric resonator (DR) fi...

A Boradband Eight-Way Coaxial Waveguide Power Combiner

A validated simulation of an eight-way power combiner operating around...

Ten Way Conical Power Combiner Simulation

A validated HFWorks simulation of a 10-way power combiner.

Simulation of a combline filter

A validated Scattering Parameter simulation of a combline filter.

A Self-Filtering Horn Antenna

A validated antenna simulation of a horn antenna for satellite communi...

Simulation of a Marchand balun

A validated simulation of a Marchand balun operating at 2.45 GHz.