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Brushless DC Permanent Magnet Motors: Design, Simulation, and Performance Evaluation
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EMWorks2D is a low frequency simulation software that uses FEM to solve magnetic, electric and transient problems. Both planar and axisymmetric invariance geometries can be handled in 2D, which can shorten the design process.
It enables you to test and improve your designs in record time. Having an intuitive workflow, EMWorks2D integrates seamlessly into the SOLIDWORKS environment, for a truly effortless and engaging simulation experience.
EMWorks2D can be used to predict the performance of transformers, actuators, electric motors, generators, permanent magnet, inductors, magnetic gears, busbars, sensors, bushings, capacitors, insulators, wireless chargers and more…

Why EMWorks2D?

  • EMWorks2D is the only 2D electromagnetic field simulation software fully embedded inside SOLIDWORKS which allows you to maintain the integrity of your product design process.
  • EMWorks2D includes a wide range of capabilities and features to meet efficiently your targets and covers your design needs.
  • Powerful combination of a leading CAD tool and accurate, easy to use electromagnetic field simulator inside the same environment that allows a smooth incorporation of your electromagnetic simulation into your product development process.
  • EMWorks2D is more than product, you can leverage our highly qualified support team to achieve your goal in short time and less cost.

Main Features and capabilities

2D Electromagnetic field simulation: EMWorks2D allows you to accurately solve both electric and magnetic problems. It includes these solvers: electrostatic, magnetostatic and transient solver.

User-friendly and intuitive user interface: EMWorks2D is an easy-to-use program with intuitive workflow helps you to achieve your objectives effectively. It follows the same philosophy of SOLIDWORKS workflow, which makes the learning curve short.

Parametric simulation: EMWorks2D allows you to study the effects of the geometric or/and simulation parameters changes on the design. Parametric simulation is based on user-defined scenarios formed by single or multi parameters.

Mechanical motion coupling: MWorks2D allows to couple a transient magnetic study to mechanical motion. Thus, EMWorks2D can be used as a motor design software and can be used to virtually study critical electric motor design parameters including: cogging torque, back emf, short circuit response, load torque, current and voltage results, core loss, eddy current loss, winding loss, inductance profile, resistance, flux linkage and more.

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Richard Götz
University of Applied Sciences Landshut

Magnetic Gear Analysis, Optimization and Construction using EMWorks2D

Hajer Jmal, Amal Souissi, Imen Abdennadher
Lab. of Renewable Energies and Electric Vehicles (RELEV), University of Sfax, ENIS

Analytical Based Design of FSPMMs: A Comparison Between Surface-Mounted PMs and Consequent-Pole Topologies

  • Denis Frank - Research & Development
    Denis Frank - Research & Development
    Schienle Magnettechnik + Elektronik GmbH

    The relation with EMWorks has been easily accessible because of a quick implementation of our software into SW. CAD-files are transfered easily with an automated "2D simplification"-tool. The function as well as the interface of the Software are intuitive, which allows us to finish simulations autonomously in less than 10 minutes from the CAD file.

    Whenever we have trouble EMWorks supports within little time to our full satisfaction.

  • Heinz-Dieter List
    Heinz-Dieter List
    List-Magnetik Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich List GmbH

    List-Magnetik develops and produces magnetic measuring devices and magnetization systems for all magnetic materials that are used in permanent magnetically excited electric motors. We have been successfully using SOLIDWORKS in combination with EMWORKS for several years to design and calculate these systems.

    EMWORKS helps us to carry out precise magnetic field calculations, especially in rare earth applications, which allow a precise analysis of the magnetization devices to achieve faster cycle times in production.

    We are very satisfied with the fast service for questions about the EMWORKS software, you always get a quick answer or a problem solution. 

  • Britton Nilsen
    Britton Nilsen
    Private Consultant

    I have a custom motor design that I reached out to EMWorks to help me optimize. The level of expertise was top-notch, communication was excellent, they completed my project ahead of schedule, and I couldn't be more pleased with the end result. Thank you EMWorks!

What is EMWorks2D?

EMWorks2D is a software for two-dimensional electromagnetic simulation, which enables you to test and improve your designs in record time. Having an intuitive workflow, EMWorks2D integrates seamlessly into the SOLIDWORKS environment, for a truly effortless and engaging simulation experience

What is new in EMWorks2D 2021?

Transient magnetic solver:
Stationary and Rotational motion coupling
Excitation: Current Fed and Voltage Fed
Circuit parameters: inductance, resistance, induced voltage, flux linkage
Losses: Solid loss, transient core loss
Lamination effect on field supported
Linear and non-linear material
RZ and XY Geometry

Improve loading data time for field plot
Update the demo viewer with new models
Enable continue run in transient analysis
Improve the report
Add more examples in the tutorials document
Update the help file

What analysis options are available in EMWorks2D?

• Electrostatic
• Magnetostatic
• Transient Magnetic
• Transient Magnetic with motion.

The world is 3D. Why should I use the 2D package?

There are a significant number of devices that are either invariant along the longitudinal direction or axi-symmetric. For those devices, it is highly recommended to use EMWorks 2D because it is much faster and requires much fewer computer resources.

How accurate is the EMWorks2D?

It is very accurate for planar and axisymmetric problems.

I already have a 3D SolidWorks model. Can I just take a cross-section and use it for EMWorks2D? Or I must regenerate a 2D sketch from scratch for the EMWorks2D?

Both options are available for the planar and axisymmetric geometries.

Is EMWorks2D exclusively for SolidWorks users?

Yes, it was developed for the SolidWorks users community.

Can I superimpose the EMWorks2D field results on the 3D SolidWorks model?

Yes, it is a powerful feature of the EMWorks2D package.

Does EMWorks 2D support adaptive meshing?

Yes, it supports both adaptive and manual meshing.

What numerical technique is EMWorks2D based on?

EMWorks 2D is based on the finite element method.

Do I need SolidWorks Motion to simulate motion problems in EMWorks2D?

No. EMWorks2D has a standalone motion module.

I already have a license for EMS. Do I need a separate license for EMWorks 2D?

Yes, you do.