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Electric Motor Design Software
Motor Design Software for SOLIDWORKS Users


MotorWizard is template-driven motor design software for SOLIDWORKS users. Using its QuickCalculator, in few clicks, you can optimize your machine size, number of poles, shape of slots and magnets and promptly obtain important motor design parameters such as torque, losses, back emf, flux density, efficiency, power, and temperature.  It is also equipped with two finite element electromagnetic computational kernels, EMWorks2D and EMS, for advanced and more intricate motor simulation and analysis for both 2D and 3D geometries.  

Transform SOLIDWORKS into a motor design software

MotorWizard enables you to transform your SOLIDWORKS into a fully-fledged motor design software.  The construction of geometrically complex and detailed machine models becomes effortless. Just navigate through a short step-by-step template where you define the machine size, air gap length, shape of slots and permanent magnets. The result is a native SOLIDWORKS model that you can easily manipulate or adjust, and which is ready for the QuickCalculator, EMWorks2D, or EMS.