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Explore the benefits outer rotor PM generators bring to wind turbines, including enhanced power density and efficiency.

MotorWizard EMWorks2D

Discover how electromagnetic simulation revolutionizes engineering education and research. Explore its impact on innovation, learning, and practical applications.

EMS HFWorks MotorWizard EMWorks2D

Asking how can 2D FEM simulation effectively aid in the design and optimization of BLDC motors for early-stage development? This application note answers your question.

MotorWizard EMWorks2D

Explore the intricacies of Switched Reluctance Motors (SRMs) with MotorWizard simulation. Analyze magnetic flux density & torque for optimized SRM design.

MotorWizard EMWorks2D

Explore insights into the performance of in-wheel Switched Reluctance Motors through advanced simulations. Understand their efficiency and reliability for electric vehicle applications.

EMS MotorWizard