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Simulation of a Circularly Polarized Feedhorn

A validated antenna simulation of a circular feed horn operating at 1.296 GHz.

A Dual Band Antenna for GSM Applications

A validated simulation of a dual band triangular patch antenna for GSM applicati...

A Self-Filtering Horn Antenna

A validated antenna simulation of a horn antenna for satellite communications.

WideBand Dipole Antenna with integrated BALUN

A validated printed wide band dipole with an integrated tapered line BALUN

An Ultra Wideband Monopole Antenna

An Ultra wideband circular monopole patch antenna with a bandwidth over 10 GHz.

GPS Antenna Design

A Microstrip patch antenna for GPS applications operating at 1.575 GHz designed ...

Helical Antenna Design

A Helical Antenna operating at 2.45 GHz in its axial mode or end-fire designed w...

RFID Tag Antenna Simulation

A microstrip slot antenna simulation for RFID tag application operating at 2.45 ...

Collinear Antenna Array

A collinear array operating at 3.2 GHz has been simulated with the powerfull Ant...

Tilted Horn Antenna Simulation

This example illustrates a horn antenna with a twisted feed
built in Soli...

Quarter Horn Antenna

A quarter horn antenna is an antenna that consists of a flaring metal waveguide ...

Coaxial Antenna

Analysis of a Coaxial Antenna operating between 2 GHz to 4 GHz using the antenn...