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The demand for 5G applications increases the need for radio frequency (RF) and microwave filter components in the mm-Wave frequency bands. 5G Network systems require filters with high percent bandwidth, good selectivity, and excellent temperature stability in compact packages.

Rectangular waveguide H-plane filter is one of the most popular HF filter topologies used for communication devices. To improve its capabilities and signal transmission performance, many efforts are being devoted to develop and improve its structural topologies in order to: reduce mass and volume, increase the out-of-band rejection, boost their thermal stability for high power levels, decrease the risk of RF breakdown, etc.

Rectangular waveguide structures for bandpass filters with inductive irises are the most suitable and popular solutions for the THz (Terahertz) region.

Band-stop filters (BSFs) are one of the indispensable components for radio frequency and microwave circuits` applications. They are widely used in RF wireless communication systems for their effective suppression of spurious signals and unwanted wideband noises, to allow desired signals to pass through.

A validated Scattering Parameters simulation of a five pole H plane iris filter.

A validated Scattering Parameter simulation of a combline filter.

Circular Waveguide Filter Simulation for Satellite Communications Applications.

S-parameters simulation of a filter operating at 2.5 GHz and based on coupling between near microstrip lines and four resonators.

A Bandpass RLC Filter operating at 1 GHz with a banwidth of 10%.

RF tunable cavity filter example. Tuning is achieved by modifying the screws' dimensions.