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Explore the interaction between GSM/LTE/WLAN antennas and human health. Our study analyzes radiation patterns, SAR levels, and thermal impacts, ensuring safety standards compliance.

Discover how dielectric posts in waveguide filters can significantly improve performance, and thermal stability, and reduce RF breakdown in our latest study.

Explore how Dielectric Resonator Antennas offer superior bandwidth and thermal efficiency for 5G networks, outperforming traditional antenna solutions.

Understanding how microwave heating technology offers a rapid, uniform solution for asphalt mixture maintenance, enhancing road durability and safety.

Investigate RF heating of dry food products using RF Simulation. Analyze electric field distribution, loss densities, and thermal behavior for optimized food processing efficiency.

Learn how microwave heating surpasses traditional methods by providing rapid, uniform heating for industrial applications, including coal processing.

Inquiring about Biquad and B-shaped dual-loop antennas compared in performance for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi communication? Learn which antenna suits your needs.

How can RF Microwave Ablation effectively treat snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with minimal invasiveness? Learn about its advantages in the application note.

How can a 100 GHz waveguide band-pass filter enhance performance in THz applications for satellite and radio communications? Learn how it offers low loss, high power, and precision in communications.

How does an RF power divider manage high-power applications while ensuring low losses and maintaining structural integrity under operational heat loads? This study answers your question.

Learn about the effectiveness of Band-Stop Filters in RF and microwave circuits through advanced simulation, focusing on signal suppression and thermal management at high power levels.

Learn how RF-to-thermal simulation optimizes WR2300 waveguide coupler design for high-power accelerators, ensuring efficiency and reliability.