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Antennas used for mobile and smartphone applications have experienced big and rapid development to adapt to the progressive needs of wireless communication. These improvements are following the deployment of 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. On the other hand, more attention has been drawn to the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields on human body. The safety of the radiated fields has been the concern of much debate and research.

Rectangular waveguide H-plane filter is one of the most popular HF filter topologies used for communication devices. To improve its capabilities and signal transmission performance, many efforts are being devoted to develop and improve its structural topologies in order to: reduce mass and volume, increase the out-of-band rejection, boost their thermal stability for high power levels, decrease the risk of RF breakdown, etc.

The world is experiencing high advancement in telecommunication technologies especially within wireless communication systems. It is one of the most emerging and dynamic areas supporting the radical change in people’s lifestyle in terms of improved communication and business networks.

Microwave and RF heating has been widely exploited in industrial processing such as drying, curing, vulcanizing, etc. One of the most useful applications of RF heating is the thermal maintenance of road structures especially for Asphalt mixtures pavement to treat the occurred damages.

Radio Frequency (RF) heating (or Capacitive dielectric heating) process is considered as a promising low energy heating technology for food products thanks to its rapidity that is associated to the large penetration depth and the uniform heating behavior. It has been successfully applied for many food needs like baking, drying and thawing and even for pasteurization and sterilization.

In microwave heating process, exposing the targeted sample to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range, allows its dielectric material property to convert this electromagnetic energy to heat energy.

The wireless systems cover a large variety of devices in different applications such as: navigation, radars, direct broadcast TV, satellite and mobile communications.

Snoring is a one of the sleep disorder syndromes caused by the Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) which causes serious breathing problems. This type of apnea occurs when your throat muscles intermittently relax and block your airway during sleep.

Rectangular waveguide structures for bandpass filters with inductive irises are the most suitable and popular solutions for the THz (Terahertz) region.

Radio frequency (RF) and microwave systems typically require a perfect power distribution networks performed through two types of microwave structures: Dividers to split an input signal into two or more output signals and Combiners to associate RF input signals from multiple inputs into single RF output signal.

Band-stop filters (BSFs) are one of the indispensable components for radio frequency and microwave circuits` applications. They are widely used in RF wireless communication systems for their effective suppression of spurious signals and unwanted wideband noises, to allow desired signals to pass through.

RF and Thermal Simulation of Straight Ridge Waveguide Coupler.