Empower Your Designs with Magneto-Structural Multiphysics Simulations

Enhancing Innovation in Magneto-Structural Multiphysics Through EMWorks Solutions

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Examine how Multiphysics simulation provides accurate assessments and improvements for the design and efficiency of three-phase busbar systems in electrical installations.

Discover how micro-valveless pumps offer innovative solutions for drug delivery, potentially transforming the field with precise and efficient microfluidic systems.

Discover the transformative potential of MMMS-based micro-actuators in elevating tactile experiences, exploring their innovative design and impact on haptic feedback.

Probe into the efficiency of low-voltage micro-thermal actuators and their ability to generate significant deflections, revealing insights into their mechanical displacement and thermal distribution.

Discover how MEMS microgrippers perform in the precision handling and manipulation of micro-objects, offering innovative solutions for micromanipulation tasks.

Explore the reliability of wire bonding in electronics packaging through comprehensive analyses with EMWorks simulation. Assess wire deflection, temperature distribution, and mechanical behavior for optimized design.

Discover how Halbach arrays improve magnetic levitation in planar actuators for precise control and enhanced efficiency, based on EMWorks simulation insights.

Investigate how magnetic fields affect ferromagnetic spheres embedded in elastomer patterns, with a focus on magneto-structural interactions and applications.

Discover how magnetostriction and electromagnetic fields affect mechanical deformation in engineering applications. Learn about multi-physics simulations and material behavior for optimized designs.