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Ian Rouse

University of Basel

The electric potential generated in surface-electrode ion traps: a comparison between an analytical model and finite-element methods

Skriptyan N. H. Syuhri and Andrea Cammarano

University of Glasgow

Simulation of A Reluctance Actuator

Sean Francis and Soojin Jun

University of Hawaii

Design and Optimization of a Solenoid for Magnetic Field Treatment Using Finite Element Analysis

Rainer Küüsvek

Imperial College London

Design of a Novel 300W Thruster: The Vectorable Cross-Field (VeX) Thruster

Yee Choon Sean and Kek Jia Yon from Tunku

Abdul Rahman University College

Investigating, Analyzing and Improving of Electric Field and Voltage Distributions along 230 kV High Voltage Insulators

Greg Zdor

Andrews University

Design of an Induction – Based Plug for Car Engine Block Heater Application

Paul Schall

University of Stuttgart

Analysis of Influencing Factors on Magnetic Flux Density in Wire Ropes

Matthew Libersky

California Institute of Technology

Three-loop two-gap resonator simulation in HFWorks

Asst Prof. Sambhaji D. Gaikwad & Mihir Pewekar

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology

Analysis of Active Magnetic Bearings