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Peter Markowski
Envelope Power, Ansonia, Conn.

Magnetic component design - New generation of 3D electromagnetic finite element analysis software with breakthrough simplicity facilitates magnetic component design

Van Tai Nguyen* and Tien-Fu Lu
University of Adelaide

Analytical Expression of the Magnetic Field Created by a Permanent Magnet with Diametrical Magnetization

David Tersegno and Alexandria Johnson
Brown University

Modeling the electric eld in a spherical void electrodynamic levitator

Biruk Gebre, Kishore Pochiraju
Stevens Institute of Technology

Modeling and Machine Learning Aided Analysis of a Claw-Less Magnetically Coupled Ball-Drive Design

Ian Rouse
University of Basel

The electric potential generated in surface-electrode ion traps: a comparison between an analytical model and finite-element methods

Skriptyan N. H. Syuhri and Andrea Cammarano
University of Glasgow

Simulation of A Reluctance Actuator

Sean Francis and Soojin Jun
University of Hawaii

Design and Optimization of a Solenoid for Magnetic Field Treatment Using Finite Element Analysis

Rainer Küüsvek
Imperial College London

Design of a Novel 300W Thruster: The Vectorable Cross-Field (VeX) Thruster

Yee Choon Sean and Kek Jia Yon from Tunku
Abdul Rahman University College

Investigating, Analyzing and Improving of Electric Field and Voltage Distributions along 230 kV High Voltage Insulators