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  • Chokri Jebali, Riadh Essaadali, Ammar kouki
    Department of Electrical Engineering | École de Technologie Supérieure | Montreal, QC, Canada

    RFID Reading Improvement Face to Mechanical Vibration

  • Moussa, M.S.

    A microstrip tag antenna for RFID applications in health care

  • Peter Markowski
    Envelope Power, Ansonia, Conn.

    3D FEA Software Solves Tough Inductive Noise Problems

  • Peter Markowski
    Envelope Power, Ansonia, Conn.

    Magnetic component design - New generation of 3D electromagnetic finite element analysis software with breakthrough simplicity facilitates magnetic component design

  • Mário Maia: Electrical Engineer & Ricardo Castro Lopes - Electromagnetic Engineer

    SEM with EMS for SolidWorks Three-Phase Generator Step-up Transformer