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  • I found EMWorks software to be an efficient solution for my needs. As someone who is proficient with Autodesk Inventor, I appreciated the seamless integration of EMWorks because it eliminated the need for me to learn unfamiliar software, which saved me a great deal of time. EMWorks was easy to get the hang of, the results were first-rate, and the customer service was polite and understanding throughout the process. Overall, I am pleased with the product and would recommend it to others.

  • EMS has a very low learning-curve, so it is very easy to use. I learned how to use the software by watching EMWorks’ YouTube tutorials. It is very extensive software, with a wide variety of possibilities to simulate and check the working of magnets. It is easy to generate and analyze results with EMWorks’ EMS software.

  • Rezky Alfian Fatra
    Rezky Alfian Fatra
    University of Indonesia

    EMS for Inventor helped me design and simulate a magnetic drum for my research project. With the software, I was able to carry out simulations with different arrangements and materials. Although I haven't done a magnetic strength analysis with different magnet counts yet, I plan to do so in the future with EMS. Overall, EMS for Inventor has been a valuable tool for my research.


  • Based on my personal experience, I utilized a permanent magnet in my real experiment while working on the magnetic abrasive finishing process. I found the EMS software to be user-friendly, with clear categories and input materials that produced excellent simulation results. I also noticed that the design aspect of my work required further development, and I found EMS to be a suitable tool for that purpose.

  • Grant Gough, Taylor Lee, Nathan Binner & John-Ryan Fajalongo
    Grant Gough, Taylor Lee, Nathan Binner & John-Ryan Fajalongo
    British Columbia Institute of Technology

    MotorWizard & EMS have been very helpful in understanding and exploring various rotor and stator configurations in our design of a Brushless motor. As mechanical engineering undergrads, our understanding of electro-magnetic design was limited, but the software really helped us to work through some of the more complex concepts we were coming across in motor design references. 

    In particular, MotorWizard proved to be very easy and intuitive to use and helped us in design studies such as the effect of a 3D printed plastic rotor compared to a traditional silicon steel rotor. Lots of online tutorials provided by EMWorks made EMS approachable after viewing a few of the tutorials. 

    The academic and technical support representatives were responsive and helpful in getting us software licenses and setting them up with our institution as well as troubleshooting technical issues we were running into.