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  • EMS by EMWorks was instrumental in my high school science project. My project required me to find the force produced when a rotating Halbach array is placed above a conductive surface. By carrying out multiple simulations using EMS I determined how changes in the dimensions of the wheels affected their produced thrust and how to create an optimized wheel.  Even though I am a high school student with limited simulation experience it was easy for me to learn how to use EMS in a few days. The integration with Solidworks allowed me to rapidly change designs and test multiple configurations. The judges at the Riverside County science fair had a sufficient degree of trust in the EMS simulation results that I was awarded second prize and a certificate of achievement purely based on the simulation data. 

  • List-Magnetik develops and produces magnetic measuring devices and magnetization systems for all magnetic materials that are used in permanent magnetically excited electric motors. We have been successfully using SOLIDWORKS in combination with EMWORKS for several years to design and calculate these systems.

    EMWORKS helps us to carry out precise magnetic field calculations, especially in rare earth applications, which allow a precise analysis of the magnetization devices to achieve faster cycle times in production.

    We are very satisfied with the fast service for questions about the EMWORKS software, you always get a quick answer or a problem solution. 

  • Bejamin Ramseyer - Student
    Bejamin Ramseyer - Student
    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

    EMWorks has been tremendously helpful in my journey to design my brushless motor prototype. MotorWizard was the main tool that I used in the design process. It felt intuitive and relatively easy to navigate. The integration inside SOLIDWORKS is seamless! Once the stator is designed, it is very easy to create a 3D model. Overall, I am very pleased and thankful for all the support that I received from EMWorks team. The motor has been tested and the results are accurate. It works just as expected. 

    I would strongly recommend MotorWizard solution to my colleagues and professors!


  • Önder Sönmez - Student
    Önder Sönmez - Student
    Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University

    I used EMS software for the induction heating analysis of a gear. The transient magnetic analysis helped me obtain good simulation results which corroborate what is mentioned in the literature.

    The software has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, The EMS license comes with a set of pre-defined tutorials and Demo Viewer examples to guide the users and help them get familiar with the software. I had a good experience with EMS. The induction heating examples that are available in EMS Demo Viewer helped me learn more about EMS.

    It is a powerful simulation tool that I would recommend to anyone who is doing projects on induction heating.


  • Denis Frank - Research & Development
    Denis Frank - Research & Development
    Schienle Magnettechnik + Elektronik GmbH

    The relation with EMWorks has been easily accessible because of a quick implementation of our software into SW. CAD-files are transfered easily with an automated "2D simplification"-tool. The function as well as the interface of the Software are intuitive, which allows us to finish simulations autonomously in less than 10 minutes from the CAD file.

    Whenever we have trouble EMWorks supports within little time to our full satisfaction.