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  • I used the EMWorks’ EMS program to better understand how Axial Flux Motors work, and it is one of the best software programs I have ever used. When I started learning about Axial Flux Motors, my goal was to learn and observe how this machine operates in real-world applications. EMWorks gave me the ability to understand and visualize how machines work. EMWorks is designed to unlock the potential of your creativity. The EMS software is a plugin for Solidworks, enabling you to design your motor within Solidworks and then simulate it in EMS with selected motor components such as coils, magnets, rotors, and more. You can track the direction of the magnets and understand how the magnetic field interacts with air, materials, and other magnets. You can also choose the type of coils, whether they are solid wire or stranded wire. EMWorks includes simulation examples for different applications to help you understand how to use the software, making it an easy and cost-effective way to simulate your designs and obtain real data to improve your designs. The academic team from EMWorks was very helpful during my journey, addressing all my questions. To the EMWorks Team, thank you for developing this software that makes it easier to simulate products for designers and inventors. 

  • Pranaam Reddy
    Pranaam Reddy
    University of Cape Town

    I am currently completing my final year Mechatronics Engineering research project with the assistance of EMWorks, in particular, EMS. EMWorks’ Electromagnetic Simulation software has been a tremendous help in my research. The software assisted in the design of my electromagnet which I, otherwise, would have had to design through manual manufacturing iterations. Part of my project entails designing an electromagnet by varying the current though it to try and measure the force it places on an external object viz. a steel bolt. With Autodesk Inventor and EMS from EMWorks, I was able to simulate this force while varying the current through the electromagnet as well as the number of turns, the diameter of wire used, and material used. These design iterations helped me choose the optimal electromagnet for my application and allowed me to only need to manufacture the electromagnet once. Simulating has saved me an incredible amount of time which I needed to use for many other tasks to complete this project within the three-month deadline. Thank you EMWorks. I could not have done it without you!

  • I found EMWorks software to be an efficient solution for my needs. As someone who is proficient with Autodesk Inventor, I appreciated the seamless integration of EMWorks because it eliminated the need for me to learn unfamiliar software, which saved me a great deal of time. EMWorks was easy to get the hang of, the results were first-rate, and the customer service was polite and understanding throughout the process. Overall, I am pleased with the product and would recommend it to others.

  • EMS has a very low learning-curve, so it is very easy to use. I learned how to use the software by watching EMWorks’ YouTube tutorials. It is very extensive software, with a wide variety of possibilities to simulate and check the working of magnets. It is easy to generate and analyze results with EMWorks’ EMS software.

  • Rezky Alfian Fatra
    Rezky Alfian Fatra
    University of Indonesia

    EMS for Inventor helped me design and simulate a magnetic drum for my research project. With the software, I was able to carry out simulations with different arrangements and materials. Although I haven't done a magnetic strength analysis with different magnet counts yet, I plan to do so in the future with EMS. Overall, EMS for Inventor has been a valuable tool for my research.