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About HFWorks

HFWorks is an antenna and electromagnetic simulation software for RF, Microwave, mm-wave, and high speed digital circuits. HFWorks solves electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic propagation, electromagnetic resonance, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and signal integrity (SI) problems for RF/MW frequencies and beyond.  It uses state-of-the-art finite element solvers and meshing technologies to compute fields as well as antennas and circuit parameters. It can simulate single antenna elements as well as multiple array antenna configurations. HFWorks can also be used for time domain computations such as TDR and Eye Diagram. It can predict power handling capabilities of 3D structures and localize potential field breakdown areas. It also provides the capability to simulate RF microwave heating as a function of applied power.

Main Features and capabilities

Versatile High Frequency and High-Speed Tool: Whether your design involves antennas, RF and Microwave components, signal integrity, power integrity, EMC/EMI, chip-packaging, PCB, connectors, cables, RF MEMS, or filters and   whether you use planar circuit technologies, standard waveguides or dielectric guides, HFWorks covers your high frequency field simulation design needs for RF frequencies and much beyond.  Whether you are interested in frequency response, resonance behavior, electromagnetic interference, matching networks, filtering characteristics, attenuation, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic propagation, electromagnetic compatibility issues, you will find this 3D field EM simulation tool accurate, fast, versatile, and easy-to-use.  

It is an antenna software as much as it is a filter, a resonator, an EMC, an EMI, a passive component, a signal integrity, and power integrity software.  HFWorks is equipped with multiple solvers: Antennas, S-parameters, Time Domain and Resonance.  

Solidworks embedded: HFWorks is seamlessly integrated in Solidworks and Gold Certified by SOLIDWORKS® Corporation.  Its seamless CAD integration enables you to analyze the most complex high frequency and high speed electrical and electronics devices and circuits in record time because you do not need to create a special model for the electromagnetic simulation.  Don’t “reinvent the wheel", simply grab a CAD model from the drafting department or colleague and start your 3D EM simulation instantly.  Since it is built on top of the most popular CAD software packages, you can import designs in a wide range of popular CAD and geometry kernel formats including Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, STEP, STL, CATIA, ProE, DXF, DWG, etc,.

Grabcad, 3dcontencentral, traceparts: In recent years a burgeoning number of free 3D CAD models -millions- have become available in CAD depositories such as,, and  Consequently, you can simply grab a CAD model from the depositories, make necessary changes, and start your high frequency electromagnetic analysis instantly.  

User friendly interface and embedded learning materials: Intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface. It allows user to construct and simulate complex 3D models in record time. The demo viewer feature in the software gives you access to extensive training material for fast learning and adoption of HFWorks.

Parametric simulation: HFWorks enables numerous analyses to obtain the best design for your application. Any CAD dimension or a simulation variable can be set as a parameter to study the effect of its changes on your design. This serves as a first step to optimize your designs.

Time Domain Solution: HFWorks comes with a Time Domain Analysis type that helps designers to allocate discontinuities in connectors and electrical path. It is a very important issue for RF connectors and cables manufacturers.

Integrated Electro-Thermal Analysis: HFWorks comes with an integrated Electro-Thermal Analysis. It offers you a coherent environment where you can simultaneously study the electrical and thermal behavior of your high frequency design right on the same model with one single finite element mesh. Hence, in addition to the plethora of electrical and electronic design parameters, you can also obtain the temperature, temperature gradient, and heat flux of your high frequency design due to conductor and dielectric losses.  

Power handling: There are two important aspects related to power handling capabilities of passive RF & Microwave structures and HFWorks covers them both. Dielectric breakdown is a key limiter of power handling as it can lead to catastrophic failure. HFWorks produces safety factor maps that indicate where breakdown has occurred in the model or where it is most likely to occur for a given level or excitation power or stored energy. Runaway thermal breakdown can also occur if any part of the design is subject to excessive heat due to RF power losses. HFWorks’ coupled thermal solver is seamlessly integrated with the electromagnetic solver to allow users to explore their model’s thermal behavior as a function of applied power. These features save users costly and time consuming experimental setups that are often required to establish power rating and handling capabilities of their products.

HFWorks Add-ins: HFWorks comes with two add-ins:

  • Mini Atlass: is an analysis and synthesis program for computing electrical and physical parameters of different types of transmission lines. It communicates directly with SolidWorks to create the structure.

  • ECAD Importer:  is an ECAD-MCAD translator that links between HFWorks and other Electronic design software such as KeySight ADS and Cadence Allegro.

S-Parameter Analysis of a Connector 1/2

S-Parameter Analysis of a Connector 1/2

S-Parameter Analysis of an RF Filter  1/2

S-Parameter Analysis of an RF Filter 1/2

Horn Antenna Analysis 1/2

Horn Antenna Analysis 1/2

S-Parameter Analysis of an RF Filter 2/2

S-Parameter Analysis of an RF Filter 2/2

Horn Antenna Analysis 2/2

Horn Antenna Analysis 2/2

S-Parameter Analysis of a Connector 2/2

S-Parameter Analysis of a Connector 2/2

Resonance Analysis in HFWorks

Resonance Analysis in HFWorks

Webinar: Fully Embedded High Frequency Electromagnetic Simulation: HFWorks Inside SolidWorks

Webinar: Fully Embedded High Frequency Electromagnetic Simulation: HFWorks Inside SolidWorks

IMS show 2013

IMS show 2013

Ali Bostani and Raymond Waterbury

Design of a Periodic Iris-loaded Filter for AccurateTemperatureMeasurementin a Microwave Digestion System

École de technologie supérieure

Antenna Systems & Technology

Moussa, M.S.

A microstrip tag antenna for RFID applications in health care

Chokri Jebali, Riadh Essaadali, Ammar kouki
Department of Electrical Engineering | École de Technologie Supérieure | Montreal, QC, Canada

RFID Reading Improvement Face to Mechanical Vibration

Matthew Libersky
California Institute of Technology

Three-loop two-gap resonator simulation in HFWorks

  • Aaron Rhodes - Mechanical Engineer
    Aaron Rhodes - Mechanical Engineer

    We provide equipment and services that support the growth of the solar and LED industries. Our market leadership is based on innovation, deep domain crystallization and material expertise and operational execution. These qualities allow us to enable the evolution and commercialization of new technologies by elevating performance, improving quality and lowering cost. 

    "…I found the onsite training very helpful in getting me started and the people at EMWorks were knowledgeable and friendly. Any time I’ve had a question; the support staff has gotten back to me quickly and helped to resolve any problems. The software is easy to navigate as it is well integrated into SolidWorks and has a good help file"

  • Ali Bostani, Ph.D. Microwave Specialist
    Ali Bostani, Ph.D. Microwave Specialist

    At SCP Science, we produce industrial microwave heating systems. We have been using HFWorks since 2012 to design  antennas for microwave heating, RF traps, couplers for our reflectometers, and coaxial-waveguide transitions. Most of these designs were fabricated and the measurement results closely match the simulation results obtained from HFWorks. Being fully embedded inside SolidWorks, HFWorks has given us a distinct advantage. We did not need to export the assemblies to create drawings needed for the machine shop.

    We have been using the Antenna and the S-Parameter features of the software. We are particularly pleased with the speed of the fast sweep. We also found the technical support provided by EMWorks prompt and professional.

  • Robert Larose - Senior Electro-optic Designer
    Robert Larose - Senior Electro-optic Designer
    CMC Electronics Inc.

    CMC Electronics is a world leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of high-technology electronics products for the aviation and global positioning markets. The company's principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; and Chicago, Illinois.

    CMC's capabilities are broadened by a network of sales and service agents and representatives supporting CMC's activities worldwide.

    CMC Electronics' business strategy is to gain a leadership position in growing niche markets where products and systems of the utmost quality, highest reliability and most innovative features are required. The company is a major supplier to the aerospace and high-technology industries, airlines, military agencies and government customers around the world.

    Formerly known as Canadian Marconi Company, CMC Electronics has been designing and building innovative communication and electronics systems since 1903.

    “… For our company, the SolidWorks files are the primary source of design information and I needed a high-frequency analysis tool that can seamlessly work with the mechanical software without having to generate another set of files for simulation totally disconnected from the official design information. HFWorks provides a true integration with the mechanical design without compromising on the available features. I used HFWorks to find unwanted resonances in our hybrid packages but also to find complex transfer functions from PCB pads to input pins to internal ceramic network. I can visualize problematic areas using the powerful graphical tools provided. Post-processing TDR function also helps me match design with lab measurements.

    I strongly recommend HFWorks for analysing complex 3D structures when simplistic 2D/2.5D models won’t get you where you wanted”...

  • Chris Jones - Project Electrical Engineer & Matt Bedard - Mechanical Engineer
    Chris Jones - Project Electrical Engineer & Matt Bedard - Mechanical Engineer
    Antaya Science & Technology

    Antaya Science & Technology is an advanced science based development company, dedicated to advancing the treatment of cancer. Founded in 2012, Antaya S&T is a closely held private company headquartered in Hampton NH, in close proximity to the Boston metropolitan area.

    Antaya Science & Technology was founded by Dr Timothy Antaya, a world-renowned accelerator physicist. Many of his innovations are already used in radiation therapy and soon non-invasive cardiac imaging.

    Dr. Timothy Antaya is an important innovator and pioneering developer of advanced compact proton therapy systems, Antaya Science & Technology is his medical technology incubator, and Antaya Proton Therapy in turn will provide innovative, safe, and effective proton therapy solutions by transforming his advances in medical technology and science into practical clinical realities.

    "Antaya Science & Technology, while doing challenging RF modeling for next-generation cyclotron resonators, has relied heavily upon HFWorks and EMWorks for accurate and reliable results. Their software's extensive capabilities, as well as a seamless integration with Solidworks, have proven invaluable in performing numerous complex simulations. The ability to parameterize studies, as well as to quickly and easily communicate results using the built-in template, has made EMW a powerful tool in our design process. In addition, the EMWorks technical team has been exceptionally responsive and quick to assist us with any and all issues. We greatly appreciate your software and dedication to the success of our efforts, and look forward to our continued collaboration."

  • Rui Zhang - undergraduate engineering student
    Rui Zhang - undergraduate engineering student
    Dartmouth College

    I used EMWorks for an undergraduate biomedical engineering project. I am thankful that EMWorks is very well integrated with SolidWorks, which makes constructing 3D geometries straight-forward. The step-by-step tutorial of EMWorks also helped me in learning the software. Many other multiphysics software applications don't have easy-to-use tutorials. Overall, EMWorks has been helpful software for my project.

  • John Lomba, a student
    John Lomba, a student
    University of Massachusetts Lowell

    My First impression of HFWorks right out of the gate was, “ Brilliant”. Having HFWorks integrated directly into SolidWorks saves me so much time when it comes to building and testing coaxial RF connectors. I was very impressed with one click I was able to obtain TDR results of my RF model which really gives me everything I am looking for, especially when other software like HFSS makes it such a pain to get similar results.