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Features and capabilities

This electromagnetic cavity resonance software module calculates the resonance frequency, or so called eigen frequency, and its corresponding electric and magnetic field distributions.  It also calculates the dielectric quality factor and the conductor quality factor due to dielectric and conductor losses.  In addition, it calculates the temperature raise due to the heat dissipation caused by the dielectric and conductor losses.  At last, it calculates the displacement and deformation in the cavity due to the thermal stress cause by the temperature raise. 
This resonance module can help you study many RF & microwave resonance behavior and address numerous resonance and loss effects. Below is just a partial list:

  • Design a resonator around a specific resonant frequency.

  • Predict dielectric breakdown in a dielectric resonator and avoid it.

  • Compute conductor and dielectric quality factors separately.

  • Account for both conductivity and surface roughness of a conductor wall.

  • Design high Q structures.

  • Properly dimension the resonators in multi-pole filters and optimize pole-zero placement.

  • Adjust circuit housing to push resonances out the operational band and have a resonance-free structure.

  • Compute the specific absorption rate (SAR) in microwave heating applications.

  • Predict if a given design will resonate and locate resonance areas.

  • Study the effect of material and dimension on the resonant frequency and the field distribution.


This resonance module is versatile and calculates the resonance frequency or so called eigen frequency, the dielectric and conductor quality factors, and the heat dissipation for all RF and microwave cavities, including:

  • Dielectric resonators

  • Filters

  • Resonators

  • Microwave Circuits

  • Microwave Ovens

  • Food and industrial heating

  • Wood drying and processing

  • Resonator antennas

  • High Q structures

  • Linear accelerators


This RF and microwave software module outputs the following results for each study for each mode:

  • Resonance frequencies or the Eigen modes

  • Dielectric quality factor

  • Conductor quality factor

  • Overall quality factor

  • Electric field distribution

  • Magnetic field distribution

  • Specific absorption rate distribution

  • Heat dissipation

  • Temperature distribution

  • The displacement, stress, and strain.

The dielectric and conductor losses in the cavity lead to thermal dissipation and thus to the temperature raise in the cavity.  The temperature increase, in turn, leads to thermal stress and eventual deformation of the cavity. The deformation leads to a shift in the resonance frequency of the cavity.  HFWorks model this electro-thermo-structural coupling to give you this shift.