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Features and capabilities

The antenna design module of HFWorks helps you optimize your antenna design by simulating various “what if” scenarios to meet the stringent requirements imposed by the Internet of Things and the 5G mobile technologies.  This antenna software module also helps you validate existing antenna designs and study a plethora of antenna design issues, including:

  • Obtain the vector frequency response of arbitrary 3D antenna structures.
  • Obtain the radiation pattern of any antenna over a frequency range.
  • Compute the resonant frequency of an antenna.
  • Eliminate the reactance of an antenna.
  • Maximize the ratio of the radiation resistance to ohmic resistance of an antenna.
  • Achieve a good matching over a frequency range.
  • Respect the power rating of a transmitting antenna to avoid sparking and arcing.
  • Optimize the noise rejection of a receiving antenna.
  • Study the effect of radomes on the antenna parameters.
  • Account for both dielectric and conductor losses.
  • Study the fidelity of an antenna.
  • Minimize the side lobes.
  • Study the EMI/EMC of a structure.
  • Study the effect of material and dimension on the antenna and field parameters.
  • Study the effect of the environment on the antenna performance, especially the ground.
  • Design efficient radomes to protect and hide the antenna.
  • Design radar absorbing materials (RAM).


This antenna software module is versatile and can handle antennas of all sorts and shapes, including:

  • Short dipole antenna,
  • Dipole antenna,
  • Half-wave dipole,
  • Broadband dipoles,
  • Monopole antenna
  • Folded dipole antenna
  • Loop antenna,
  • Cloverleaf antenna,
  • Helical antenna,
  • Yagi-uda antenna
  • Spiral antenna,
  • Corner reflector antenna,
  • Parabolic reflector antenna
  • Patch antenna,
  • Bow tie antenna,
  • Log-periodic antenna,
  • Log-periodic dipole array,
  • Slot antenna,
  • Cavity-backed slot antenna,
  • Inverted F antenna,
  • Slotted waveguide antenna,
  • Horn antenna,
  • Vivaldi antenna,
  • NFC antenna,
  • Fractal antenna,
  • Wearable antenna.


HFWorks antenna module calculates all antenna parameters, including:

  • Radiation Pattern,
  • Beamwidth,
  • Radiation power density,
  • Radiation intensity,
  • Gain and directivity,
  • Efficiency,
  • Polarization,
  • VSWR,
  • Input impedance,
  • Radiation resistance
  • Power,
  • Near- and far-fields.