Time Domain Simulation

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Features and capabilities

The Time Domain module enables time-domain analysis to be performed from valid frequency domain S-parameter results. It can be used for reflection-type analysis, i.e., TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) and/or for transmission-type analysis to quantify transmission distortion and generate Eye Diagram results.

In addition to frequency results given by S-parameter module such as the field distribution, S matrix, VSWR, all time domain simulations will allow you to:

  • Compute the impedance profile of the structure.

  • Study the transmission problems that include reflections.

  • Study the Distortion effect on input signal due to discontinuities.

  • Study the signal integrity of a structure.

  • Study crosstalk, reflection and power-distribution noise problems.

  • Study the impact of loads on ports.

  • Generate the Eye diagram.

  • Generate frequency domain and time domain 2D windowed plots.


This Time Domain module is versatile and calculates the scattering parameters, field distribution and time domain results for connector models and IC packages, including:

  • Connectors

  • Adapters

  • Integrated Circuit

  • Cable Transitions

  • Combiners

  • Waveguides

  • Via transitions

  • PCB traces

  • Filter

  • Power divider


This Time Domain module outputs not only the frequency domain results given by S-Parameter module but also additional results that help to examine the structure in time domain, including:

  • Impedance plot over time

  • Signal Integrity

  • Eye Diagram

  • Impedance when loads exist on ports

  • Windowed frequency and time plots

  • Propagation parameters at each port