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Simulating Electromagnetic Levitation Systems using EMWorks Solution inside SOLIDWORKS
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
03:00 PM
08:00 PM
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EMWorks2D is a software for two-dimensional electromagnetic simulation, which enables you to test and improve your designs in record time. Having an intuitive workflow, EMWorks2D integrates seamlessly into the SOLIDWORKS environment, for a truly effortless and engaging simulation experience.

Simulation speed and seamless SOLIDWORKS integration

In the initial stages of product development, engineers test a great number of preliminary concepts and require a simulation software that can keep up with the fast-paced design process. EMWorks2D is a software that truly brings speed and responsiveness of 2-D electromagnetic simulation into your SOLIDWORKS project.

Backed by decades of experience in CAD and simulation industry, EMWorks2D has been created to streamline and accelerate the design and simulation process. For maximum workflow efficiency, EMWorks2D automatically prepares the selected cross-section of a SOLIDWORKS assembly for a planar or axis-symmetrical electromagnetic simulation. Then it instantly computes design parameters like magnetic and electric field distribution, forces, inductances, losses and capacitances. Relying on EMWorks2D, engineers can carry on with the product development more confidently and more rapidly.  

Transient simulation of a single phase transformer in EMWorks2D

2D FEM Simulation of DC Actuator inside SOLIDWORKS

Electromagnetic Simulation of Linear Switched Reluctance Motor inside SOLIDWORKS

[Webinar Recording] - Modeling of Magnetic Gear inside SOLIDWORKS

Integrating 2D EM simulation into your design workflow

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EMWorks2D Webinar

2D-FEM simulation of Magnetic Bearing system using EMWorks2D

Electromagnetic Simulation of Linear Switched Reluctance Motor inside SOLIDWORKS

  • Denis Frank - Research & Development
    Denis Frank - Research & Development
    Schienle Magnettechnik + Elektronik GmbH

    The relation with EMWorks has been easily accessible because of a quick implementation of our software into SW. CAD-files are transfered easily with an automated "2D simplification"-tool. The function as well as the interface of the Software are intuitive, which allows us to finish simulations autonomously in less than 10 minutes from the CAD file.

    Whenever we have trouble EMWorks supports within little time to our full satisfaction.