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Efficient Green Energy: Exploring Simulation-Driven Design for High-Torque Wind Turbine Machine

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Electric machines with direct drive, operating at low speeds while delivering remarkable torque, are indispensable components in various critical applications such as wind turbine generators, ship propulsion motors, rudder actuators, and heavy-duty cranes. Notably, the demand for direct drive generators in wind turbines has witnessed a global upsurge, driven by their eco-friendliness, particularly in regions abundant with wind like the Nordic countries.

The construction of large-scale wind turbines poses challenges in terms of size, time, and expenses. The conventional trial-and-error approach is no longer viable due to its inefficiency and substantial costs. This has led to the adoption of a smarter solution – leveraging simulation and virtual prototyping tools.

Join us in this enlightening webinar as we delve into the world of virtual prototyping software tools, including MotorWizard, EMWorks 2D, and EMS, that we harnessed for the design of motor/generator systems. Our focus was set on a scaled model ranging from 3MW to 50 kW, specifically designed for high-torque, low-speed wind turbines. Throughout the session, we will delve into a spectrum of multi-physics considerations inherent to these permanent magnet turbines, encompassing aspects such as motion dynamics, magnetic fields, and thermal behavior.

This webinar will empower you with insights into our comprehensive study and equip you with a deeper comprehension of effectively modeling vast wind turbine systems. Step into the realm of cutting-edge simulation-based design and revolutionize your approach to addressing the complexities of modern wind turbine engineering.

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