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Robin Horn
The University of Edinburgh

The Development and Production of Yet Another Wind Turbine

Damiano Baccarella, Timothy Daniel
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Design of a resistor for an ohmic-heated hypersonic wind tunnel

Juan Sebastián Lasprilla Hincapié, Andresdavid Vargas Sandoval, José Zuluaga Parra
Military University of New Granada


Jonathan Kelley
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Finite Element Method Validity on Biconic Cusp Magnetic Connement

Matthew L. Warren, Richard Branam, and Carl Hartsfield
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 & Air Force Institute of Technology, WPAFB, OH 45355

Examination of Halbach Permanent Magnet Arrays in Miniature Hall-Effect Thrusters

Chokri Jebali, Riadh Essaadali, Ammar kouki
Department of Electrical Engineering | École de Technologie Supérieure | Montreal, QC, Canada

RFID Reading Improvement Face to Mechanical Vibration

Moussa, M.S.

A microstrip tag antenna for RFID applications in health care

Peter Markowski
Envelope Power, Ansonia, Conn.

3D FEA Software Solves Tough Inductive Noise Problems

Mário Maia: Electrical Engineer & Ricardo Castro Lopes - Electromagnetic Engineer

SEM with EMS for SolidWorks Three-Phase Generator Step-up Transformer