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Yee Choon Sean and Kek Jia Yon from Tunku
Abdul Rahman University College

Investigating, Analyzing and Improving of Electric Field and Voltage Distributions along 230 kV High Voltage Insulators

Greg Zdor
Andrews University

Design of an Induction – Based Plug for Car Engine Block Heater Application

Paul Schall
University of Stuttgart

Analysis of Influencing Factors on Magnetic Flux Density in Wire Ropes

Matthew Libersky
California Institute of Technology

Three-loop two-gap resonator simulation in HFWorks

Asst Prof. Sambhaji D. Gaikwad & Mihir Pewekar
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology

Analysis of Active Magnetic Bearings

Vitor Nascimento
University of Coimbra

M.A.D Battery (MAgnetic spring Disk)

Hugues Langlois
École de Technologie Supérieure, Montréal

A Hands-on Experiment for Empirical Validation of EMS Magnetostatic Analysis

Rahul Puthukode Ramakrishnan and Rohit Puthukode Ramakrishnan, students
CMR Institute of Technology

Simulation studies of Composite Insulators used in high voltage transmission

Jaromír Klarák
University of Žilina, Slovakia

Design of an open coil for inductive preheating of wires in production line