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  • Our team is immensely grateful to Academic and Tech Support for their exceptional assistance with EMWorks software, which was indispensable to the success of our project. With their guidance, we were able to use EMWorks to perform an eddy brake simulation for a chainsaw dynamometer that we designed to help chainsaw operators quantify performance improvements resulting from modifications made to their saws. The software allowed us to plot a breaking torque versus rpm graph, which enabled us to map the chainsaw's performance at different rpm levels and gain a better understanding of how breaking torque strength and solid core loss changed with increasing rpm. EMWorks ensured more accurate and comprehensive results during the testing phase. It proved advantageous as it allowed for multiple design iterations (various magnet configurations) and the determination of the corresponding maximum torque values. Thanks to the assistance of EMWorks and their Support team, we were able to achieve a successful project outcome that will benefit chainsaw operators everywhere. 

  • Giorgio Giovanni Battista Zaffaroni
    Giorgio Giovanni Battista Zaffaroni
    Hydro Extruded Solutions

    I am a Research Scientist for an International manufacturing corporation, world leader in the Aluminium tubes manufacturing. Using EMS we were able to do electromagnetic and thermal  analysis of novel induction heating tool prototypes, employed in the manufacturing of high frequency  welded tubes. The simulations were able to closely resemble induction heating phenomena observed  during production and allowed us to forecast benefits and limitations of alternative prototype designs  that we were planning to implement in our lines. 

    The EMWorks engineers were not only very collaborative and available, but have offered great  consulting support, building the models and running all required simulation scenarios, as well as  preparing final reports, delivering a summary of the work results and the fine-tuned 3D models. I appreciate all the help and support from EMWorks, and I will recommend EMS to colleagues of my  team specialized in FEA, as this would be a precious tool to have in-house.

  • I am a member of a student team that is working on understanding of axial flux electric motors and generators. Using EMWorks we were able to do electromagnetic, structural and thermal analysis of different kinds of motors and generators. Software is very intuitive and easy to use, learning time is a lot shorter than in other similar software packages. There are a lot of tutorial videos on youtube which is also really beneficial for understanding many of the funcionalities of the software. The integration inside Solidworks is flawless and output pictures of the simulation results are very informative. EMWorks support team was really helpful when we encountered some problems in defining simulation parameters. We highly recommend using EMWorks!

  • Markus Ramsauer
    Markus Ramsauer
    FOSBOS Traunstein

    I wanted to express my appreciation for EMS and the benefits it has provided me. Using the software has saved me a significant amount of time and money by eliminating the need for many prototypes. Without EMS, I estimate that it would have taken me at least a week and over 100€ to analyze one variable or problem. Instead, I was able to complete a Simulation overnight and review the results the next day. Additionally, EMS made it easier for me to identify problems without access to expensive measurement equipment.

    I also believe that EMS has even more potential than I have been able to utilize in my simpler simulations, and I can see how it could be a valuable tool for both larger and smaller companies during product development. Furthermore, I found it easy to get started with EMS because it is similar to SolidWorks Simulation. I was able to learn the basics within a week through trial and error and a few tutorials.

    I also want to highlight the exceptional support provided by you and your company. I have not received such helpful and responsive support in a long time, and I appreciate that you offer direct support for students, something that is not always offered by other companies.

  • I used Electromagnetic Simulation (EMS) to investigate the electromagnetic behaviour of Axial Flux-Segmented Rotor-Switched Reluctance Motors (AFSSRMs). A three-dimensional finite element model is developed in SolidWorks. As the EMS is a Gold Certified add-in to SolidWorks, there is no technical boundary in between, enabling me to conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on the model and complete the project on time.

    In terms of the setup of the simulation in EMS, the installation instructions are easy to follow, the project tree follows a logical order, and the model parameters can be alternated easily. After each simulation, the result can be saved automatically, and different section views allow the user can analyse simulation results more comprehensively. Results from different studies can be compared, and a range of variables can be plotted. Those plots can be exported to Word documents or saved locally with high resolution.

    Engineer experts from EMWorks are friendly and helpful, and they fix many simulation issues. There are plenty of learning resources available on YouTube/Webinars. The tutorial about switched reluctance machines is extremely helpful in building the simulation. The individual project is completed on time with high quality. I appreciate all the help and support from EMWorks, and I will recommend EMS to colleagues who investigate motor behaviours.