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EMS The premiere CAD embedded Electromagnetic Simulation Software Solution


EMS is a 3D electromagnetic field simulator software suite, based on the powerful finite element method. Currently, it is the only electromagnetic Add-in to SOLIDWORKS®, the #1 CAD software package in the electrical engineering industry. EMS electric field calculation software is also fully integrated in Autodesk® Inventor®.

EMS is Gold Certified by SOLIDWORKS® and targets four main areas: electromechanical, electromagnetic, power electronics, and electromagnetic behaviour. This makes it ideal for motor development and testing, generator projects, metal detector design, Eddy current simulation, transformer simulation, induction heating modeling, magnetizing and much more.

EMS includes seven modules, and each comes with full validation and access to an extensive built-in library, calculations for linear and nonlinear materials or user-defined materials, and a variety of excitation controls common to electric and magnetic field simulation and transformer design. The modules include:

  • The Electrostatic Field Simulator portion, with which you can solve issues with dielectric breakdown and electronic discharge, plus concerns about sparking, grounding, shielding or circuits and transmission line cross talk.
  • The Conduction module, which can help you run simulations to check for overvoltage conditions, resistance values, power dissipation and other kinds of electric behavior, all while testing the impact of conductivity on your power supply.
  • The fully implemented Magnetostatic software suite, to help you accurately resolve questions about magnetic saturation, torque optimization, solenoid overheating and excess material from ferromagnetic cores.
  • The AC-Magnetic Field software module, which helps you find ways to improve efficiency with fully verified Eddy current simulation. This electric motor design software can also help you minimize skin effects and issues with ripples, vibration and noise, and can help you deal with issues related to flux leakage, inductance and coil design.
  • The Transient Application model for electric simulation can help you prepare for eventualities such as power failures, pulsed power surges, Eddy currents affecting your design and more. It can display specifics about how the project will be affected by magnetic heads, electromagnetic launchers, pulsed power transformers and more.
  • The built-in Fully Integrated Thermal Solver, which helps you isolate heat transfer concerns with Eddy currents, derive temperature distribution for devices such as bus bars, model microwave and induction heating, and much more.
  • The Coupled Motion Analysis tool, which helps you understand and plan for heat generation cycles and implications when your product is in use. This module, built as a simple but effective software solution for electric motor simulation and electromagnetic flux simulation, can help you determine specifics such as how much temperature rise will occur, whether you need a heat sink or active cooling process, how heat will be distributed throughout the model and how seriously to consider fire safety and security issues.

EMS empowers the designer to compute electric, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal parameters, including:

  • Force
  • Torque
  • Magnetic Flux Density
  • Magnetic Field
  • Electric Field
  • Electric Flux
  • Current Flow
  • Eddy Current
  • Inductance
  • Capacitance
  • Resistance
  • Flux Linkage
  • Core Loss
  • Saturation
  • Induced Voltage
  • Force Density
  • Power Loss
  • Temperature
  • Temperature Gradient
  • Heat Flux
  • Back EMF


EMS electromagnetic field and simulator software has fully verified models and can give insight into your project with quick and stress-free 3D modeling. It also includes at-a-glance data visualization, and much more. However, it is alone in the electromagnetic engineering field due to its full integration with the best CAD physics software on the market. With EMS, you can compare alternative designs with just a few clicks, construct complex 3D models effortlessly, and import designs from many popular CAD formats for easy integration with mechanical, thermal and fluid flow analysis with all 6 degrees of freedom. Download your free trial today or schedule a demo appointment to learn more.


Available For

Magnetostatic Analysis of a DC Motor 2/2

Magnetostatic Analysis of a DC Motor 1/2

Magnetostatic Analysis of a Clutch

Electrostatic Analysis of a Powerline Insulator

AC Magnetic Analysis of a Transformer 1/2

AC Magnetic Analysis of a Transformer 2/2

Electric Conduction Analysis of a Solar Panel

Transient Analysis of Induction Channels (TEAM 10)

Magnetostatic Analysis of a Solenoid (TEAM 20)

Core Loss and Transformers

Electric Cooling

Solenoid with Motion

Webinar: Motor Design in EMS

Webinar: Transformers Design in EMS

Webinar: Solenoid Design in EMS

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A four-phase stepper motor, with a cogged rotor is analyzed using AC magnetic analysis using EMS.

Solar Cell

A silicon solar cell between a top aluminum electrode and a grounded bottom aluminum electrode.

3-phase cylindrical transformer

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