The world is 3D, why use 2D simulation software?

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By Radhwane Chagra | 08/07/2021

Why 2D? 

The world is 3D.  It is even 4D if you include the time dimension! Yet, 2D simulation software is still popular despite the abundance of computer resources.  Why? It is simple.  Because some 3D problems are invariant in longitudinal direction or axisymmetric.  In such case, the results are identical at any 2D cross section.  So why “waste” computer resources on the third dimension.  It makes more sense to use such resources on getting higher resolution for the 2D cross section.  In addition, the solution time taken by 2D simulation is orders of magnitude less than 3D.  

Catering to SolidWorks user's community 

EMWorks first introduced EMS and HFWorks to the market which are widely used electromagnetic 3D packages. It is probably due to the integration in SolidWorks which is better known as a 3D CAD package.     In recent years, the SolidWorks user's community which is supposed to be a purely 3D advocate, started demanding 2D solutions.  Since we cater to this community, we developed EMWorks2D. 

About EMWorks2D 

Similar to its older sibling EMS, EMWorks2D is a finite electromagnetic simulation software for applications ranging from DC to few tens of MHz. It computes fields (electric / magnetic / flux / potential / eddy currents), circuit parameters (inductance / capacitance / resistance / impedance / flux linkage), mechanical parameters (force / torque), and losses (eddy/core/hysteresis/ohmic). Unlike EMS which targets fully 3D problems, EMWorks2D is dedicated to 2D and axisymmetric geometries.   

A winning solution 

The development of the EMWorks2D package, inside SOLIDWORKS, turned out to be a winning endeavor.  Many of our customers now take advantage of the new package for longitudinally invariant and axisymmetric problems and thus obtain their results much faster with less computer resources.  Furthermore, the SolidWorks users can readily use their fully 3D models without any modification because EMWorks2D has a powerful feature by extracting the 2D geometry from the user defined cutting plane.  After solving, the user can superimpose the 2D field plots on the 3D model!   

EMWorks2D is fully embedded inside SOLIDWORKS 

Superimposition of 2D field plots on the 3D model 

2D Simplification Feature: Automatically convert a 3D to a 2D geometry 

3D problems 

Of course, not all problems can be solved with 2D solutions, such as an axial permanent magnet motor.  In such case, our popular 3D package, EMS, is readily available, just one-tab away. And again, right in the convenience of your favorite CAD, SolidWorks.