MotorWizard: One Step Closer to the Democratization of Electromagnetic Simulation

Motors and Generators
By Ahmed Khebir | 15/11/2021

What is the democratization of simulation? 

It is simply the use of simulation by a larger group of non-expert users.  For example, in case of electromagnetics, the user would not need to know Maxwell’s equations or Faraday’s law of induction to design an electric motor.  In a “democratized simulation world”, a motor is black box that transformers electric energy to mechanical energy.  Nevertheless, he knows that, somehow, the performance of the black box, such as torque, depends on the dimensions, materials, excitations and other motor parameters.   

What is MotorWizard? 

MotorWizard (MZ) is a template-driven motor and generator software developed by EMWorks.  There are other template-driven electric motor software packages.  So, what is unique about the MZ?  It is the embedding in SolidWorks, and soon, in Autodesk Inventor.  This frontloading makes the MZ at the fingertip of the designer early-on in the product development cycle.  Furthermore, SolidWorks and Inventor are no longer just a CAD platform but rather a complete ecosystem from Multiphysics to PLM provided either by the vendors or by their other partners such as EMWorks.  For example, the motor designer can readily use SolidWorks Simulation to study the vibration and the thermal management of the motor using the same model automatically created by the template-driven kernel of the MZ. Similarly, the user can take advantage of other EMWorks’ CAD embedded physics solvers such as EMS and HFWorks to study other electromagnetic aspects of the motor.  For instance, if the motor is controlled via a Bluetooth, it would definitely need an antenna.  HFWorks is ready to help in this task. If the motor needs to be shielded for EMC/EMI reasons, depending on the frequency, EMS or HFWorks is only one tab away.   

What Else? 

The calculation of critical motor performance parameters such torque-speed curve and efficiency map in seconds and requiring only few clicks is another factor that makes MZ a champion in the democratization endeavor.  


Yes, MZ has limitations. Only the motors that have built-in templates can be studied.  In such case, the sisters of MZ, which are also CAD-embedded, EMWorks 2D and EMS are ready to help.