Solve Your Generator Design Challenges Using EMWorks Solution

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Solve Your Generator Design Challenges Using EMWorks Solution

Whether it is used in power plants or in offshore stations, electric generator is a key element in producing electricity for small and big cities. It is applied also in several applications including automotive sector, industrial applications, and agriculture sector. The demand for electric generators is increasing sharply due to the rapid electrification emerging in the transportation field. Thus, these electric generators must be adapted to the requirements of the different applications.

In this webinar, EMWorks Solution, a combination of EMS and EMWorks2D software, shows you how you can overcome the main design challenges posed by electric generators. Both a 3D axial flux permanent magnet generator and a 2D radial synchronous generator will be covered during this session. Design issues such as the list below will be discussed.

  • Cogging Torque
  • No Load Analysis: Back EMF versus speed, electromagnets current, PM types, etc.
  • Load Analysis: Different load types
  • Electromagnetic Losses
  • Thermal and Structural Analysis


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