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Solution to Temperature Reading in the Presence of Microwave

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Learn how to design a 3D filter to make your device emission proof. 

Are you challenged with temperature reading of objects inside the microwave cavities? Presence of the hot spots and cool spots in multimode cavities and also the difference in the polarity of the molecules of the objects being heated in the microwave chambers have been motivating the researchers to explore different methods to monitor the status of the object inside. Thermopiles are widely used to measures the infrared emission by the modes of heat loss of the object and can be used to read the temperature from a fair distance; however they need a decent size window to receive the IR emissions. When it comes to microwave cavities, it is a huge challenge to introduce a window as the microwave leakage through that window creates numerous difficulties such as electromagnetic interference, safety concerns and loss of energy. 

Join EMWorks on Thursday, December 7th, for an engaging discussion about the design and simulation of a 3D structure that filters the microwave while passing infrared. During this webinar, Dr. Alex Bost will share how you can deal with your temperature reading problems.