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Simulating Electromagnetic Levitation Systems using EMWorks Solution inside SOLIDWORKS

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The magnetic levitation technology is a relatively new system. It is a contactless type, there are no mechanical components between the translator and the stator. Hence, it can eliminate the mechanical wear, friction, noise, heat generation, and metal dust, satisfy environmental demand, and enable the system to move at high speed. It is currently becoming more widespread, and it has been applied in various areas of industry. Due to this high demand, more studies are conducted to improve and build new innovative and more sophisticated systems that can be applied in larger fields, like Elon Musk Hyperloop. Musk's initial design was to take people from downtown Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes – a distance of around 380 miles (610 km) with a speed that can reach 750mph. This revolutionary travel concept can lead to making the world like a small village. CAD design and simulation tools used in earlier stages contribute to accelerate making these futuristic ideas real. 

In this context, we will discover EMWorks electromagnetic solution during this live session. This solution, which is fully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS, helps engineers to study magnetic levitation systems and to solve the related design challenges. So, in this webinar, we will cover both static and electrodynamic levitation using EMWorks2D and EMS along with SOLIDWORKS motion to compute levitation and drug forces under several situations and realistic conditions. 


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