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Shift to Zero Emission Aviation

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Electrification in the aviation sector has received more interest in order to reduce the increasing effect of greenhouse gas emissions on the atmosphere. Despite offering a promising emission reduction, electric airplanes possess several technological and regulatory challenges which restrict their use. Several research has been conducted to overcome these challenges, especially in the field of electric motors which is one of the core components in the transition to zero-emission transportation. With the help of computer-aided design and simulation tools, engineers were able to design and build highly efficient motors with higher power density and lower weight. These motors with innovative battery technology help to reduce time to market and democratize electric airplanes.
An optimization of permanent magnet synchronous motors for aerospace applications will be conducted using the EMWorks software for electric motors. The performance of the motors will be analyzed using several geometrical variables and parameters.
Join us in this live and interactive session to learn more about EMWorks’ solution and how it can help motor designers to study and improve their products.


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