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How Safe, Efficient and Comfortable are Wearable Antennas?

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Medical telemetry revolutionized modern medicine. What happens inside the human body is translated and transmitted in real-time using on body or implanted devices.  It is generally used to monitor a patient’s vital signs such as pulse, and respiration. These devices have the advantage of allowing patient movement without restricting patients to a bedside monitor with a hard-wired connection.

Wireless medical telemetry provides numerous benefits; nonetheless, it faces a few challenges. Placing antenna near a human body will affect its performance due to the dielectric loading caused by a large dielectric constant of biological tissue. Moreover, the output power from on-body antenna is limited to certain SAR values set by the FCC. Additionally, flexibility and miniaturization of antennas is crucial for making a comfortable and wearable antenna. To deal with these problems, slotted dipole antenna backed by artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) is studied.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate you how to design and simulate wearable antennas using electromagnetic simulation tool, HFWorks.  We will show you how the software can help us ensure the antenna is indeed safe and pleasant.


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