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Benefits and Challenges of Outer Rotor PM Generators in Wind Power

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Outer rotor permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSGs) have several advantages in wind turbine applications. Firstly, the outer rotor design allows for larger diameter and shorter length, resulting in higher torque and output power. Additionally, the use of permanent magnets eliminates the need for a separate excitation system, reducing maintenance requirements and increasing efficiency. With a high pole number and outer rotor design, direct coupling to the wind turbine blades is possible, removing the need for a gearbox and further decreasing maintenance costs. These advantages make outer rotor PMSGs an attractive option for wind turbine power generation, particularly in applications where efficiency, reliability, and maintenance requirements are critical considerations.

The upcoming webinar will utilize EMWorks2D tools by EMWorks for the purpose of examining and assessing the performance of a model that showcases an outer rotor PMSG. The simulation results will be compared against the intended design parameters to validate the design's accuracy and effectiveness.


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