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A Well-Suited Workflow for the Design of Synchronous Reluctance Motors

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Synchronous reluctance machines (SynRMs) have recently been gaining more interest in different applications requiring high dynamics, high torque density, and fault-tolerant capabilities, such as traction and household appliance. Robust rotor structure, absence of rotor joule loss, low cost, and convenience in manufacturing are just few advantages of a SynRM. Since the SynRM rotor is made of iron lamination, no brushes/slip-rings and expensive PMs are needed. Although electrical machines with rare-earth permanent magnets have high performance, the high cost and the scarcity of rare-earth permanent magnet materials are obstacles to further development in applications such as electric and  hybrid vehicles. Line-start synchronous reluctance motors are also a suitable alternative to induction motors in fixed-speed direct-on-line (DOL) applications such as pumps and fans.

In this webinar, we will show you step-by-step, the design workflow of a 1HP-4 poles synchronous reluctance motor using EMWorks2D software. The electromagnetic results such as back EMF, flux linkage, and average torque will be discussed and analyzed.  At the end of the presentation, we shall also compare the FEA results to the analytic data.


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