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Friday, March 15, 2013

MONTREAL (March 15, 2013) – ElectroMagneticWorks today announced that it will be introducing the first release of its flagship product, EMS, for the Autodesk Inventor platform. EMS for Inventor will be the first and only electromagnetic simulation software suite fully embedded in Autodesk Inventor. Based on the powerful finite element method, EMS for Inventor brings the company’s proven simulation technology to designers working on electrical and magnetic machines and covering the general areas of: electromechanical systems, electromagnetic devices, power electronics, and electromagnetic behaviour of materials and machines. “We are pleased to partner with Autodesk to bring the all important electromagnetic field simulation technology to the Inventor platform and we are excited about the support we have been receiving from Autodesk in accomplishing this important milestone for our company” said Dr. Ammar Kouki, VP of ElectroMagneticWorks. He added “Autodesk Inventor is the second CAD platform on which we offer our electromagnetic simulation technology and we are delighted that we have once again succeeded in leveraging the full power of Inventor’s CAD platform so that users can focus on their designs and not so much on CAD. The full integration in Inventor means that users will not need to import, export, heal, clean, or fix any geometrical inconsistency because they will be working right inside Inventor while optimizing their electromechanical design. This will allow our users to shorten their design cycle and get their product to the market before their competition.”
EMS for Autodesk Inventor includes five modules: Electrostatic, Conduction, Magnetostatic, AC-Magnetic, and Transient, each with a fully integrated coupled thermal solver. EMS for Inventor empowers the designer to compute electric, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal parameters including, force, torque, magnetic flux density, magnetic field, electric field, electric flux, current flow, eddy current, inductance, capacitance, resistance, flux linkage, core loss, saturation, induced voltage, force density, power loss, temperature, temperature gradient, heat flux and more. Its applications include: motors, generators, linear and rotational actuators, relays, MEMS, magnetic recording heads, magnetic levitation, solenoids, loud speakers, coils, permanent magnets, sensors, NDT, NDE, high power, high voltage, transformers, inverters, converters, bus bars, inductors, insulation studies, bushings, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic shielding, EMI, EMC, medical devices, eddy current devices, fuses, circuit breakers, capacitors, etc.
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