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Thursday, September 25, 2014


MONTREAL (September 25, 2014) – EMWorks Inc. announces the launch of its multi-physics simulation package SimClaim which works inside ANSYS® SpaceClaim® software as an Add- In.  Based on the powerful finite element method, SimClaim brings the company's proven simulation technology to the widest base of mechanical, electrical and electromechanical designers seeking to validate and optimize their electrical, thermal, and structural designs all within the ANSYS SpaceClaim software environment. "We are pleased to bring this all important multi-physics simulation technology to the ANSYS SpaceClaim user community. The support we received from SpaceClaim developers over the last couple of years has been instrumental in accomplishing this important milestone for our company" said Dr. Ammar Kouki, Vice-President of EMWorks. He added "SpaceClaim, is an extremely powerful 3D direct modeling software package that eliminates CAD worries for designers. Direct modeling is dramatically different from the traditional CAD software because it allows the user to directly access the model without even knowing its history. SimClaim leverages this power to enable designers and CAE specialists to carry out conceptual analysis inside ANSYS SpaceClaim in record time without needing to be CAD experts. CAD experts on the other hand, will find that the ANSYS SpaceClaimSimClaim combination is hard to beat when it comes to design validation through simulation given the speed and the highly efficient workflow that this combination offers."

The full integration of SimClaim in ANSYS SpaceClaim Software means that users will not need to import, export, heal, clean, or fix any geometrical inconsistencies because they will be working right inside ANSYS SpaceClaim while optimizing their design. Furthermore, SimClaim includes built-in community driven resource and knowledge exchange capabilities which allow SimClaim users to work collaboratively and to leverage the power of a large design community in their own work. More information about SimClaim is available at www.simclaim.com.

About EMWorks, Inc.

EMWorks Inc. is the leading provider of CAD-embedded simulation packages for the electromagnetic, electromechanical and high frequency electronics markets. The company's products span three platforms, namely DS SolidWorks®, Autodesk Inventor® and ANSYS SpaceClaim, and cover a wide range of physics solvers from structural mechanical, to thermal to electromagnetic (from DC to millimeter-wave frequencies).

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