EMWorks Inc. Forms Strategic Partnership with noCnx Technologies to Offer Comprehensive Multiphysics Consulting Services

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Friday, August 4, 2023

Partnership Announcement
EMWorks Inc. and noCnX Technologies Collaborate to Broaden Design and Consultancy Services

We are incredibly thrilled and excited to announce a partnership between EMWorks Inc. and noCnX Technologies, two industry leaders at the forefront of engineering innovation. This strategic collaboration brings together their collective expertise and cutting-edge technologies to deliver unparalleled multi-physics simulation capabilities for design and consultancy services. This collaboration is particularly relevant in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, where innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. By harnessing the power of multi-physics simulation services, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their products' behavior across various physical domains.

At its core, this partnership is driven by a shared commitment to customer-centricity and a relentless pursuit of excellence. EMWorks Inc. and noCnX Technologies understand the unique requirements of their clients and are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that address their specific challenges.
Dr. Ahmed Khebir, Co-founder of EMWorks Inc., shares his enthusiasm for this collaboration: "We are excited to collaborate with noCnX Technologies to deliver comprehensive multi-physics simulation capabilities to our clients. This partnership will unlock new possibilities for optimizing product performance and reducing time-to-market. With our extensive experience in various simulation domains, we will deliver transformative results for our clients."
Pinaki Jena, Founder of noCnX Technologies, expresses his vision for this partnership: “As the Founder of noCnX Technologies, I am equally thrilled about this collaboration with EMWorks Inc. Undoubtedly, our collaborative endeavor to offer Product Engineering and extensive multi-physics simulation capabilities will greatly enrich the experience of our clients. Through the integration of our vast expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, our mission is to equip businesses with formidable tools, enabling them to optimize product performance and accelerate time-to-market with ease. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in advancing simulation technology and reinforces our commitment to delivering transformative solutions to our clients' evolving needs. Together, we are poised to make a lasting impact in various industries, driving innovation and success for our valued customers."
About EMWorks Inc:
EMWorks Inc. is a renowned provider of electromagnetic simulation software, offering a range of applications for electrical and electronics design. With products embedded in SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor, EMWorks serves industries such as antenna design, magnetic field simulation, transformer design, electric motor design, etc. Their multi-physics platform integrates thermal, structural, and motion analyses, enabling hassle-free simulations across a broad frequency spectrum.
About noCnX Technologies:
noCnX Technologies is a pioneering firm known for its excellence in delivering comprehensive engineering solutions through an array of simulation environments. noCnX’s expertise spans across CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), MBD (Multi-Body Dynamics), and Moldflow, making them a versatile and valuable partner for various industries.  noCnX’s wide-ranging clientele includes E-Mobility, Off-Highway, Industrial and Automotive Pumps, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), Home Appliances, Medical Equipment, Defence, Railways, and more.
At the core of noCnX’s success is its ability to leverage advanced simulation technologies, enabling businesses to revolutionize product development processes. By providing powerful insights and accurate simulations, noCnX Technologies empowers companies to optimize product performance, minimize design iterations, and ultimately reduce costs. noCnX’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions has made them a preferred choice for businesses seeking to stay ahead in today's competitive market. With a strong track record of success and a dedication to customer satisfaction, noCnX Technologies continues to make significant contributions to multiple industries, driving progress and efficiency across the board.
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Elevate your design and consultancy services with our partnership and unlock the power of comprehensive multi-physics simulations, tailored solutions, expert support, cost savings, faster time-to-market, and the confidence of collaborating with industry-leading engineering simulation experts.