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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

EMS 2017 is the tenth release of EMS as a Gold Certified add-in to SolidWorks.

This is a major new release of the software that incorporates several new features at the meshing and pre-processing, solving and post-processing levels. 

Below are some of the new capabilities that have been added in this release to provide users with more comprehensive simulation options and a more complete set of results.


  • High order elements support for Magnetostatic and AC Magnetic analysis ( High Accuracy study option)

  • New AC electric analysis type.

  • New Thermal Stress Structural coupling. 

  • Enhancements to motion coupling simulation: 
    •Allow using Force/Torque and Motor in the same Solidworks Motion Analysis study coupled to EMS
    •Initial velocity motion coupled simulation
    •Gravity and Spring driven motion coupled simulation

  • Enhancements to transient thermal coupling simulation. 
    •Improved Steady-state thermal (previous versions)
    •Transient thermal (time dependant - NEW)

  • Enhancements to Parametric Analysis. 
    •Parameterize other EMS variables like AC magnetic frequency, Coils
    •Importing parameters from a file.
    •Thermal coupled parametric analysis

  • New and faster Multi-core solvers. 

  • Auto compute dielectric breakdown. 

  • Added Temperature Dependant BH for Magnetostatic and AC Magnetic analysis

  • Added continue run option for coupled thermal, parametric  or transient analysis without losing existing results


  • Results probing using an imported mesh file.

Viewing Results

  • Viewing partial results during motion and parametric solving

  • New 3D safety factor plot type for dielectric breakdown whenever user has electric field plot type.

  • New 3D Field operations plot folder for magnetostatic analysis.

  • 3D Plot: Animate section vs. position or orientation (move the section plane) 

  • 3D Plot: Animate Iso clip plot vs. iso values 

  • 3D Plot:Transparent model and vector overlay 

  • 3D Plot: Plot mesh,Iso line and vectors using single color

  • 3D Plot: Vector plot on surface, use constant vector size

  • 3D Plot: Create in one operation a 3D plot for each time step, selected time steps or all scenarios.

  • 3D Plot: Export Motion, transient or parametric plot results to excel sheet (All time steps or all scenarios)

  • Magnetostatic Analysis type: Computing flux on selected faces
  • Electrostatic Analysis type: Computing Total charge or Charge density on volume or surface.


  • Convert coil type from Wound to solid or vice versa

  • Enable user to flip coil entry/exit port when same face is selected.

  • Convert Force/Torque type from virtual to lorentz and vice versa

  • Added new materials property called "Dielectric Strength"

  • Enhancements to EMS Options and User interface operations

  • New easy-to-use Results table windows